Is business really business without a formidable online presence?


In 2018, is business really business without a formidable online presence? Today in tech, there’s over-saturation of seemingly similar Website Design Services all over the globe, and via providers who all claim to have ‘the right solution’. However, if an everyday business owner (who simply wants their daily to-do list done), is to successfully distinguish between what’s a rip-off or a really good deal, how do they proceed?

The truth is that regarding online and website services – we’re in age of an overabundance. Not convinced? Simply type ‘website services’ into a Google search engine page. You will find a furious flurry of international, virtual and on-site website service options.

So, with too many mind-boggling choices to choose from (and as just one item on a business owners to-do list), what’s the smartest move to make? How can a brand compete with (and beat) the competition? To get an idea, I asked Mr. Zak Ali, CEO of The Web Designer Group on what a company should prioritise, and he said: “…its website needs to look good, function well and be expertly coded to ensure it always ranks highly in search results.”

A quick internet trawl revealed the relevant terminology too – it’s all about ‘SEO’. So essentially, a business website needs:

  • Great Functionality
  • SEO (aka expert coding)
  • Target Audience Tracking
  • Aesthetically pleasing Design

The-Web-Designer-Group-ManagementOne option is The Web Designer Group, conveniently headquartered in the UK, with both domestic and global sites (London, Manchester, Glasgow & San Francisco to name a few). In fact, founders Zak Ali & Sara Coomansingh are quite the website pioneers, having garnered a coveted 5/5 rating via Trust Pilot (the reliable real-time reviews log), and has been featured numerous times on Heart FM, SKY TV & BMmagazine too.

So, when I asked them Mr. Ali about the ultimate goal of web design for businesses today, he answered succinctly: “(It’s) always to take a future-centric stance…so these sites can expand and change in response to a business’ evolution.”


The Web Designer GroupWhat’s clear from reviewing freelancer sites, agencies and web service offers worldwide, is that ultimately, it’s still premium client care and real results that win the day. But, let’s not forget that cost matters too. In The Web Designer Group there’s a cost commitment (which is comforting). They promise “No hidden charges – you pay one set price.” Contrast this to a backdrop of alternative providers and staggering fees, and Mr. Ali’s offer could actually be a bit of a lifesaver for start-ups and small to medium businesses!

No doubt, timing factors too. Horror stories of never-ending website developments that span months (and even years) haunt the business community, and are ‘a tale as old as modern-technology-time’. However in The Web Designer Group there’s hope – they promise a 3 working day delivery (plus full after care and website training). One thing’s for sure – today, business can’t compete without a credible and convincing online presence.

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Author: Abby Kempe