Introduction to SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions in 2019

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The next video on the SEO For Beginners (2019) series by The Web Designer Group is Introduction to SEO Title & Meta Description. This video covers everything you need to know about SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions as a beginner in the online marketing arena.

Even if you are a beginner in the field of SEO, you will know Google!

Google is the leading search engines in the world today grabbing hold of almost 80% of the traffic amidst minimal competition from the likes of Yahoo, Bing and Baidu.

Search engines are always changing their methods to be more relevant for users searching using them. The methods are commonly known as algorithms. Google goes through at least 500 to 600 changes to its algorithm in a year.

The questions that are answered throughout the video are the following:

  • What is the SEO Title?
  • How to write a basic SEO title?
  • What is the SEO Meta Description?

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What is the SEO Title?SEO Page Title blue stamp with stars isolated on a white background.

Much like the title of any piece of content whether it’s a blog, news article, or a webpage, the SEO title is in fact, a title!

Search engines like Google look at the title tag of your webpage, amongst other things, to define your page for users who are searching for related content. Google finds relevant search results on the basis of all the elements of a page such as its title, meta description, images and of course, the primary content itself.

The title is of course the first thing users see on the results page after they type in their search phrase. Then when they click on a link, they see it on the tabs of the browsers and also, when the page is shared on social media. So, it is your first impression with your readers.

First Impression Matters!

Your title is the first thing a potential visitor will see and it is important to make a lasting impression from that first glance. If they don’t like what the title says, they may never click on the page and find out what is actually on your website.

How to Write a Basic SEO Title?

Laptop Screen with Title Tags Concept.

Let’s look at some simple ingredients for cooking up the perfect BASIC title.

  1. Descriptive Language: Focus on the language of the title and its descriptiveness. Make sure it accurately and easily describes what the page or post is about. This will allow you to set the expectations of your visitors to what you want them to find out by visiting your website or reading your blog.
  1. Keep It Simple & Short: Keep the Title as short and simple as possible. An ideal title should be between 60-70 characters, so make sure your get your point across within that limited character count.
  1. Keywords: Make sure to add your primary keyword in the title and if possible, try to get some long‐tail variations of your keywords in it.

Title tags aren’t complicated; they just take a bit of time and effort to get right!

  • Use HOOKs to grab the readers’ attention by adding EMOTIONs

Use power word such as Best, Amazing, Remarkable, Magical, Extraordinary, etc. to catch attention to your title. Instead of “SEO Tips for Beginners” use “Get Amazing Results with the Best SEO Tips for Beginners in 2019”.

  • Add brackets or parentheses to your titles

Brackets or parentheses break up your title, which makes it easy to read for users. For example: “Amazing SEO Tips for Beginners (Importance of Title Tags in 2019)”.

  • Use the “Curiosity Gap”

This is a journalism trick where you are reeling your readers in with an intriguing headline creating a curiosity gap in their minds. For example: “The Only 3 SEO Tips You Need to Know for Amazing Results in 2019”.

Keeping in mind the elements Google uses, what potential customers expect and the tips shared, do you think you’re ready to write a proper search engine optimised title? Whether you know it or not, you are ready! Just keep in mind that you are speaking to your potential customers through your website.

What is the SEO Meta Description?Meta Description

Meta description is a short paragraph of text which like the name suggests is the description of the page content. The value of meta description is very close to the title. As discussed earlier, it’s one of the elements that Google uses to determines the relevance of your page to the search terms.

Now, it is not a ranking factor, but for those visitors who are not clicking after reading your title, the meta description is your safety net. The user reads through to get a summary or a preview of whether the link is worth their click.

Every now and then, Google changes the length but most search results show meta descriptions of up to 155 characters so say what you want within that. And of course, you can add on from there. The right length doesn’t really exist; it depends on the message you want to convey.

So, write enough to convey your message, but keep it short & snappy.

  • You want to ensure that he description is written in an active voice
  • The language should provoke an action from the reader such as read now or buy now, etc. so you need to include a call-to-action from your potential customers
  • Include your primary keyword so that Google is able to match it to your title and content in the inner webpages


So now, you must know much more about SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions, you can definitely implement some of this in your website to boost your rank in Google search results.

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What are your thoughts on the SEO Title? How much of an impact does it have on customers? Do you as a web browser feel the title and description are important when you browse online? Do you think it is helpful for a business to have a well written title & description reflecting their products or services?

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