User Experience Design Essentials to Improve Your Conversion Rate

User Experience Design Essentials to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Do you know that customers are 88% unlikely to visit a website again after a bad experience? This is why user experience is extremely important for web design for estate agents. The emotional connection that visitors will feel as a result of the user experience design of your website will have a direct impact on your brand identity and consumer retention.

So here are three tips on how you can improve user experience in your website, enhance conversions, and increase revenue.

Incorporate Consistent Branding

Studies reveal that consistent branding can help increase revenues by as much as 23%. Furthermore, by having a cohesive visual identity in each and every device and platform, you’ll be able to create a brand that customers will surely enjoy engaging with. This will make them want to engage with you over and over again.

It’s pretty easy to reproduce a cohesive visual identity. The top web design for estate agents normally incorporates a recognisable colour palette and imagery that will provide value and information to the web users. This consistent branding helps create a stable environment in your website that will make it possible for your users to look for products and information without confusing or distracting them.


  1. Make Your Calls-to-Action Clear

If you don’t chase what you want, then you will never ever going to have it. This idea is certainly applicable when it comes to website design. Amazingly, even after your customers have found their way into your site, they still won’t know what action you want them to take unless you make it clear.

Therefore, in order to maximise your website’s user experience design and effectiveness, you need to: make buttons large and easily clickable, include easy-to-understand messages, and incorporate fonts that are easily readable. Above all, ensure that your website’s call-to-action stands out. Stay within your brand’s colour palette but use a colour or unique shape that can make the action stand out and grab the user’s attention.


  1. Create for Customers, Not for Designers

Remember that at the end of the day, your website is not for designers or for a company. Therefore, before you decide to add any features or implement any changes on your site, you should first know what this means for the user experience and for the customer’s journey as well.

When conducting customer research for the web design for estate agents, you should first understand the features that are most important for your target customers.

Finally, after you have implemented a new user experience feature for the web design for estate agents, you should take the time to conduct an A/B test for the new feature to make sure that it’s fully functional and that it will improve conversions. According to studies, most companies only discover their best conversion rate optimisation after they go through the A/B testing phase.

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