How to work out the cost of a web site design in 2020?

How to work out the cost of a web site design in 2020?

If you are a new consumer looking for a website in 2020 in you are more than likely going to want to know the answer to the question on how to work out the cost of a web site design in 2020? There are many intricacies that go into determining the price of a web site design that we will go over in this article. Sit back and relax, as we go through the ins and outs of how to determine the cost of a web site design in 2020!

Working out how many pages do you need?

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One of the many questions that you should be aware of when you are thinking about going to a company for your new web site design is how many pages you will need. If you are thinking of creating a huge e-commerce website then you can expect to have a large number of pages. Some can even be 50+.

If, however, you are planning on a smaller website for promoting the services you provide then it can be anything from 5 – 15 pages. It all depends on the individual company of course. However, you can expect a website with less pages to cost less than one with a large number of pages of course.

When it comes to The Web Designer Group, we usually charge an extra £95 per page. Depending on the kind of website you have of course. If you are looking at a 50-page website then we can see that your website is more than likely going to be £5000+. With our standard bespoke web site design that is 5 pages then you can expect a price around £695. But that is just the base of your website. There are many other important features that go into a website that makes it what you are looking for.

What about important features?

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There are many features that go into a web site design in 2019. These will of course come with a cost. So, here is a list of features that The Web Designer Group provide to our customers.

  • Promo Flyers
  • Menu Design
  • Legal Documents
  • Stationery Design
  • Business Phone Line
  • Business Insurance
  • Accountancy Service
  • Website Translation
  • Photo Gallery
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Business Bank Account
  • Social Media Set Up
  • Business Accountancy Service
  • Online Payment Facility
  • Live Chat Functionality
  • Google Analytics set up
  • Custom Contact form
  • Business Listing
  • Booking System
  • Photo Pack
  • Website Content Writing
  • Premium Logo Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Yell listing
  • Website Spam Filtering
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Badge Removal
  • TWDG Google Secret Ranking Formula
  • Roller Banner Design
  • Promotional Key Rings
  • Professional Business Cards
  • Fax to Email Number
  • Website Speed Optimisation Lite
  • Website Speed Optimisation Premium
  • Email Setup Service
  • Google My Business Setup

These are all of the addons that The Web Designer Group provides that you could be missing out on! We can imagine that there are other web site design companies that provide some addons on this list, however, they are less likely to have such an extensive list anywhere near to this.

With these addons you can enhance your website and make it one of the best on the internet. Of course, depending on what type of business you have you might not need all of these addons and that is fine. Just take the ones that you need for your website to bring you more consumers to your website and then reap the benefits of more inquiries and then more money.

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Where are you planning to host your website?

If you already have an idea of where you will be hosting your website that is absolutely great. However, you need to take into consideration how much that will cost. Some hosting providers will charge you on a monthly basis, some a yearly basis. You really have to figure out the best option in price and what you are getting with that.

Most web site design agencies will offer you hosting like The Web Designer Group offers our clients hosting. We offer free hosting for a full year and after that year it is just simply a £99 renewal fee every year. This comes with virus protection on your website, security to stop spam and hackers as well as making sure that your website is constantly up to date.

Pricing when it comes to other hosting provides can vary, with some even being as absurd as over £150 a month. However, it is up to the individual to decide what is best for their business web site design so we will leave it at your very capable hands.

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Have you heard of search engine optimisation?

The most proficient way to get your website ranking on search engines like Google and Bing. When you are wanting to get yourself and your business more inquiries and eventually money then search engine optimisation is the way forward.

One thing that you do have to have your mind before you consider moving forward with search engine optimisation is that it is an investment into your website and business. What we mean by this is that you need to put a significant amount into this investment for it to work faster. For example, a £200 a month search engine optimisation deal isn’t going to give your search engine gurus a lot of time or investment to really get the ball rolling. However, a £2000 gives them a huge opportunity to get your website to exactly where you want it.

Search engine optimisation is also a great way of organically ranking your website which Google loves. When you spend the time to fill out onsite issues and get backlinks from niche quality websites you will rank higher than those who do not use this method.

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Try your hand at Google ads

Another quick and easy way to get people through to your website and calling is through Google ads. Although this isn’t very cost effective and can actually cost quite the small fortune if you are not careful. You can get leads through the door as this is a guarantee and they won’t be spam however how long your Google ads post says up at the top is up to you.

Before you decide to go ahead with Google ads or any other sort of ads provider you might want to read up about Google ads and how it would positively affect your business.

Why choose The Web Designer Group?

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Well, if we haven’t persuaded you by the incredible addons list as well as what we provide in hosting then you can always take a look at our portfolio. We have an extensive portfolio which has websites that we have designed. Each website is individually tailored to the clients wishes so you won’t see any similar websites on our portfolio.

To learn more about our web site design and what we can do for your business in 2020 all you need to do is call us on 0800 905 599, or fill out one of the many forms on our website and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Our team of professionals are quite fast when it comes to responding and will get back to you as soon as they can!