How to Turn Your Small Business Website into a Brand

How to Turn Your Small Business Website into a Brand

The Web Design in Manchester market today is extremely saturated!

Consumers have plenty of resources available at their fingertips. They can go through dozens of businesses which offer their desired products and services in a matter of a few minutes.

As a small business owner, or a business owner of any size in Manchester, how do you stand out among the rest of the competition? Is there a way to differentiate yourself from the others offering similar products & services?

The answer is a simple one – Branding your Business!

BUILD YOUR BRAND text on a billboard in the center of the city. Business idea.

However, as an owner, how or why would you stop being a business and start becoming a brand?

Before we look at some of the best, tried, tested & proven methods of turning your small business website into a brand. It is essential to understand the need for it to your business:

  • Branding gives your business an identity among your growing number of competitors
  • It allows you to offer premium priced products & services with confidence
  • A major brand is always able to sell at higher prices compared to smaller brands
  • Branding goes hand-in-hand with your marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Branding gives you recognition from consumers
  • An opportunity to connect with your consumers on other levels, where they emotionally connect with your business and vocally support you (word of mouth advertisement!)

Believe it or not, it is an essential step which can bring get results, but if overlooked for your business, it’s not too late!

Branding is not a new concept, it has been around for centuries, if not much longer. But it is new in terms of consumer businesses, maybe for a few decades. But the true significance of it has come into the limelight with rise of online businesses and the growing number of business websites.

Many businesses still do not understand the true significance of good branding online!

A Professionally Designed Business Website Establishes Your Brand!

With a professional, bespoke website design for your business, you will define your brand to yourself, your employees, your partners and the public.

You will establish your identity as a brand among the countless businesses online. The reason why brand identity is different from business identity is really quite simple – knowledge. Customers today are not fooled by different styles of sales pitches for the same products and services.

They can see through the gimmicks of marketing & advertisement!

But when you work on your branding, you create a brand identity which represents the core of your business, its roles and values. Not just what it looks or sounds like!

A great business website will strategically outline your business goals and bring out your best prospects:

  • A neat, clean & structured web site design
  • Nice blend of brand colours & theme
  • A smooth flow of the customer journey from product or service introduction, description to prices and benefits
  • Convey your brand values and beliefs for your industry
  • A strong appeal for encouraging interest, loyalty and attachment
  • Drive sales using discounts, promotions, etc. all in one place with instant purchase options

Your business website will give your brand the ideal platform for not only display your business offerings, but gives you the ability to extend or expand as your business grows!

Why would you want to be a brand?

Businesses don’t inspire people, the story behind the business, the journey from an idea to a small business or a large enterprise is inspiring.

Your brand story, the brand of your business is based on your products and services, not solely on it. Brand trigger loyalty, growth in fans & followers, set trends and touch peoples lives.

This is what BRANDS do!

brand chart with keywords and elements on blackboard

Your business branding is the perception of your business to your customers. When your business name immediately triggers a product, service or a thought in the public mind, you are a brand.

You may think how valuable it is to be on your customers’ minds, but mind you, it’s a powerful thing!

With improved recognition for your business, you create trust in consumers, generate a buzz for your products or services and ultimately, build value!

But how do you turn your business into a brand in the modern times?

If you have a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a twitter for your business & do not have a business website yet, get a professionally designed, bespoke business website today!

Get your in-house technical team to look into it, or better yet, get it done by an expert SEO oriented website design service provider, as soon as possible.

There is no alternative to having a business website!

Prioritise Your Customers on Your Business Website

Giving importance to the one, crucial and primary aspect of your business – your potential customers!

The easiest way to build a brand identity for your business is to give your customers the value they create for your business. With more numbers of happy, satisfied & involved customer base, you will generate an extreme buzz about your brand, its purpose and ultimately, your products & services.

With an expertly designed business website built on solid SEO best practices, you will ensure that your branding is on a good start!

Make sure your brand identity is portrayed by every web page design of your business website. Implement the core colours of your brand, its theme, and its purpose in your website design. Ensure that your website is a platform where you can take your visitors through a good journey which they can relate to with their overall mindset for your company.

Visit your business website from the eyes of your customers and offer a website designed and structure to fit their needs, rather than your own!

When you successfully view from this perspective, you will be building a brand for your business using something as standard as your business website.

Make Your Brand Visible Online

After you get an excellent website designed for your business, you must work on making it visible. It’s not enough to just have a website, you must be putting it where your target customers are or lead them to where your website is.

Social media platforms are the most popular and successful method of reaching out to various types of customers. With a solid social media presence and engagement with the public is more successful in gaining visibility than posting ads, flyers, banners, etc. So, you want to ensure that you are using all the available online channels within your fingertips to reach out to potential customers.

Multi channel marketing written in a notebook and marker.

When you are available across multiple online channels such as your business website, business social media accounts, business emails, paid ads for your target customers, and a solid SEO plan moving forward, your customers will identify with your brand and come to you!

Regardless of the scale of your business, invest in a business website, business logo, business emails, business domain, paid ads and organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies. Avoid a web design company that promises the world to you and go for a trusted, reputed and experienced complete business solutions provider.

Make Your Brand Unique

Your website design should truly reflect your brand of business!

There must be an element which differentiates you from the thousands of websites available online selling the same products and services, sometimes for the same prices! Don’t just go for templates, but get a bespoke website designed for your business.

So, being different with things like just products or service prices is just the beginning, you must explore additional options like difference in your style of offering, service standard, and of course, your brand identity!

Your target customers must feel like they would not get the same experience for the same product even at the same price, anywhere else! So, instead of selling your products or services, sell your brand experience!

With a unique brand image, voice, and overall identity, every customer that buys from you will be a representative for your business.

Maintain Consistency

Success is built on consistency!

If you are consistent in achieving however little, you will succeed over time. The goal is to offer consistency in your brand marketing, advertising and all other associated activities. This you’re your customers will never lose track of your Brand Identity!

Clearly state your brand goals and targets across all your business activities so that it never changes across multiple online channels. In terms of a website design, make sure you have mobile responsive website for all the different types & sizes of devices in use today.

In building a successful brand of business, be clear & consistent about who you are, who your customers are and how you want to be perceived by the overall general public.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest reasons why most consumers don’t trust businesses today is because of the lack of a strong brand identity. Customers stay with a brand they trust and every little effort in support gives them the care they seek.

Similar to other investments, investing in building the brand identity for your business using a professional website is the only option in the modern times. A web page design gives you the ability to incorporate all stages of the customer journey in an easy to use way for not just computers and laptops, but also for smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Many businesses are reluctant on building a website and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), since the return on investment is harder to see as opposed to traditional ROI. But with massive improvements in technology, enhanced tools and the integration of machine learning & artificial intelligence, SEO in 2019 has completely revolutionised.

However, a typical SEO company, or website design agency, will be keen on using traditional, outdated strategies and this causes many businesses to be disappointed with results. But a complete business solution provider with a good reputation for SEO & web site design will appeal to most, if not all!

Is SEO really worth it?


Search engine optimised web page design and regular SEO best practices is a long-term investment which will payback consistently and will grow much like the snowball effect.

How much does it cost?

If a design agency or a SEO company promises 1st page rank for a certain price, stay away… do not ruin your business reputation with dodgy shortcuts.

In order to establish a strong brand identity for your business, start providing full support for them using a business website, if you don’t already have one. If you have a website then make sure they are SEO oriented for best results.

Spread your brand presence on multiple channels for potential customers to reach you such as social media, business email, business phone number, etc.

You create a brand, but your brand ambassadors are your customers!