How To Get A Professional Web Site Designed & Launched For Less

How To Get A Professional Web Site Designed & Launched For Less

If you are reading this blog, then you are interested in getting web site designed like a professional. You may be feeling overwhelmed since you already know the tons of things that go into launching a professional business website, other than the coding itself.

Well, you are in luck!!!

We will cover the simple ways to build a website like pro without all the hassles. The code that goes into building a website is just one of the many crucial factors.

This simple yet comprehensive blog will go through some of the crucial aspects of building a professionally designed website such as the following:

  • #1 Define A Purpose & Strategy for Your Website
  • #2 Research the Latest Web Site Design Trends
  • #3 Choose A Reliable Platform
  • #4 Select a Theme
  • #5 Select Your Brand Style
  • #6 Pay Attention to SEO Content
  • #7 Regularly Review, Analyse & Reinforce Website

Let’s Get Started with The Secret Formula of Getting A Web Site Designed Like A Professional!

Build A Website Like A Pro

#1 Define A Purpose & Strategy for Your Website

Before you begin considering your options to build a website for a product or service, it is important to define its purpose.

  • Is it a web site designed for professional, business or personal reasons?
  • What defines success for your website? How do you plan on achieving your goals?

These are things which are not just about the industry you are working in or the SEO or content strategy, but think in terms of Unique Selling Points or USPs. Website visitors are not aliens, they are people just like you and me. They are not easily fooled, and they are looking for a potential solution whether a product, a service or just a good time.

In order for website to work, you must know what this web site is designed for.

  • Is it selling something?
  • How is it selling it?
  • Is it providing information?
  • Is the most important information being made easily available to visitors?

Alright, take it easy!

Not trying to get you all riled up here. But regardless of how simple of a start this may be, it is important to get this sorted in the beginning.

Once you have a clear purpose to build a website, you will see that the other solutions will fall into place one after the other. The looks, functionality, etc. are all things which will be easier to determine with a set purpose and how you want to achieve it.

Define the purpose of your website for users

One of the most important strategic points to build a website is the landing page. Your landing page or the home page is what your visitors see as soon as they visit your website. In the visible area of the first glimpse of your website, a point should be made.

The visitor must be able to make a decision about your business just by viewing that particular area. So, you must use graphics, images, content, etc. in a minimalistic way to get your point across.

In visiting our website, you immediately understand that it is a company which offers web site design services. The social media integration connects to users who are more comfortable in conducting business using Facebook, twitter, etc.

There is an easy to spot sales number and email. An attention-grabbing title which states the price of the service and the region. The Call to Action button shows that users can get a quote with a simple click.

As a result, website visitors are immediately able to establish an identity for the business in their minds. Whether they know it or not, their minds are already making decisions about the potentials of the business web site designed to attract them.

Have you thought of www address or the domain name for your new website yet?

#2 Research the Latest Web Site Design Trends

Web design is a quickly evolving industry. There are more and more trends recognised by the hour. In terms of trends, it is important to remember that something that is trending will not necessary be the best solution for you.

So, while keeping up to date with the latest trends of web site designed by popular companies, do not disregard everything else. You can find a design which is perfect for you and not a trend. But then, the added responsibility is to make it relevant to current trends for maximum success.

Almost half of all visitors consider the design of website to be a decision-making factor. So, it is already proven to be a crucial aspect for any business in any industry.

It is also notable to understand that there are 2 ways to go about with the latest trends. If you want to go with the flow of current trends as your strategy then you simply follow the trends in design. But if your strategy is to go against the flow and disrupt the audience in noticing your business, then you must go against the trends.

A simple trend in design is the fact that if you are going for a corporate look, you want to use some shade of blue in your website. But if you are going for a start-up look, then you want to use a bright, vibrant colour.

Social Interactions

If you are not bothered about social media, the likes, the shares and the comments, then you should start immediately. Every interaction, no matter how small or even if it is positive or negative, every interaction is valuable.

Facebook for example, offers users a very interactive and intimate experience to its users through animated like, love, reacts, etc. These animations add an extra flair or a bit of personality for Facebook to its users.

Similarly, consider making your website more interactive with even the smallest of things so that people are clicking, sharing, commenting, talking or even just thinking about it. As a result, the many different forms of creative design aspects such as clicking, hovering, scrolling etc. will help your visitors to connect with your website.

Chatbot Support

Automated chats or the modern day chatbots are no longer just a cool touch to a website. It is actually a quite effective sales assistant which is capable of deriving sales for your website. It is no longer a gimmick from back in the day.

Your users are able to get their initial queries and problems answered through a chatbot which is both time efficient and effective. When the client is ready for a money-making move, they will be aware of the basic matters.

Yes, chatbots are not quite perfect, but they sure are improving everyday based on technological advances and we will be getting more and more effective chatbot solutions in the near future.

social interaction is a massive boost to consider when you build a website


Brutalism is a design idea derived from the French word ‘brut’ which means raw. So, consider this a very bold and striking design which makes your audience look twice. This approach to web design is called to be disruptive. The audience is taken back by a bold design move allowing you to be noticed.

For example, an entire page with just one word or a web page with just an image. The audience will almost always spend more time on the web page to almost solve the puzzle of the web site designed in such a way.

#3 Choose A Reliable Platform

When you are looking to build a website, you must consider the building blocks. Many of us make the mistake of saying let the experts handle the technical things and avoid involvement in this department. While the statement is true – yes, let the experts take care of technical jargon, but this is basic!

Imagine you are booking flights for a family vacation. You will research the best airlines in terms of traveling with family, timely departures and arrivals, etc. You don’t have to find out if the pilot has a license! Now think about it, you don’t have to know how to use a platform to build a website, but you can surely pick a platform which is reputed, trusted and reliable.

Yes, there are a lot of DIY tools to build a website but as you will find the customer reviews from them, they are not the most flexible. There are many options and various qualities of services on offer. But you will find the best option or the experts’ recommended option to be a select few.

Build a website using wordpress


WordPress is currently the world’s most popular, reliable and open source platform. In terms of freedom, you have all the control you need on WordPress. Anything or everything you would want is achievable on the WordPress platform using themes, plugins, etc.

It doesn’t make it easy, so you will need a proper web developer to work on your website. However, why build it on DIY platform which is prone to be troublesome in the future, when you can build a website for the future using WordPress.

So, yes stress that when you are looking for a developer or web design agency to build a web site designed like pro for you, that you stress the importance of building it using WordPress. You will save yourself a lot of trouble by doing so.

Check Out Some of These Images of Exceptional WordPress Web Site Designed By The Web Designer Group!

[rt_portfolio_slider_style portfolio_slider_autoplay_timeout=”3000″ portfolio_slider_items_in_desktop=”3″ portfolio_slider_items_in_tab=”2″]

#4 Select a Theme

Many people refrain from using a theme to build a website. While others rely heavily on them. Neither is right, we have found from our years of experience in designing and developing website in the UK that a balance is needed between the two.

If you have a clear idea of how you want your web site designed as, then you can convey that to the person or agency designing it. But there is always the possibility that you are unable to put to words or picture what you want exactly. In this case, browsing many themes will allow you to specifically point out things and say that you want THAT to be like THIS and THIS to be like THAT.

Also, imagine that you do not have any idea of how you want your website to look. Instead of pressuring the designer to present something that you may love or hate, you can opt to select a theme. By browsing through the many themes, you may even end up liking something which is exactly how you imagined your website to be.

A common misconception about themes is that they are predesigned websites. That is not entirely true. While many premium themes are actually completely predesigned websites which are fully functional but they also come at a much higher price.

Think of a theme like the basic structure of a house. Before you can say what colour the walls and carpets should be, you get a structure ready and then customise it as per your needs.

Similarly, using a theme you will be able to get the initial look and feel of your website and then all the hard coding will go into the specific development of your required features.

So, by selecting a theme you are not getting a pre-built basic website. Rather, you are selecting the frame of your website to build up from. Of course, being the dynamic platform that WordPress is, you will be able to completely change any and all aspects of design of a theme to suit your needs.

#5 Select Your Style

In this step, you have officially entered the web site design phase!

This is when you select a style or design for your website. How it should look? The font style, colour scheme, etc. This is your brand style, your overall brand identity.

Colour Scheme

One of the first things to settle upon is your colour scheme. Whether you need to design the logo, the website or the business card. You must first select a colour scheme for your website. The primary and secondary colours, along with others to form the complete colour scheme for your new website.

Colours, believe it or not, is a huge aspect of design so much so that industries invest a lot of time, effort and money on understanding audience psychology, moods etc. as a result, it is important that you give it some thought.

What feel should visitors get when visiting your website? Should they be looking at calm, soothing, standard colours, or vibrant, lively colours?

You would want to select at least one or two dominant colours, followed by some secondary colours. Consider things like how your logo should look on white background, dark background, etc.

choose a colour scheme when you build a website

Font Style

The next design aspect that you must focus on is the Font Style. Remember, when scrolling through your website, the thing that most of your visitors or audience will focus on is what you are saying on it. So, how it is written is a massive factor.

You must, first of all, consider legibility. Whatever colour of font or style you are using, is it easy to read for audiences is the very first question to answer. Do you want to entice them with fancy writing styles or show professionalism with standard font style?

While it is important to choose a font – which is easy to read, you must also pay attention to your target audience, your product or service type. It’s important to choose a font that is readable, versatile, and on-brand.

This is when you set in stone some thumb rules like how big the headings should be, what colour they should be, the size of the normal body text or the fine print size on your footer, etc.

As a result, you will be creating a font style guide which must be maintained throughout every page of your website. The least professional thing you could possibly do is have a different font style in each page and inconsistency in font size.

choose from various font styles for your web site design

Graphical Representation

The images used on your website or the visual content is also crucial. This is not limited to images, since more and more video content is gaining popularity.

It is not about just slapping on every beautiful image you find on your website in the highest resolution. You must not forget that having tons of large image or video files on your website will significantly increase its loading time. This is an absolutely unwanted user experience.

Select images, videos and other multimedia content which are meaningful to your product, service, business sector or target audience. The right balance between written and visual content will make your website simplistic, clean and attractive in design.

#6 Pay Attention to SEO & Optimised Content

So, now that you have all the aspects of website design covered, it is crucial that you start paying attention to Google. Yes, that’s right!

If you want Google to pay attention to you by giving your website a better ranking, then you too should be paying attention to the likes and dislikes of Google. Hence, Search Engine Optimisation or better known as SEO.

Content is anything and everything that is one your website, more specifically it is on-site content which falls under on-site SEO.

Learn more about this from a comprehensive blog on SEO for beginners!

Check Out SEO For Beginners Video!

In terms of being noticed by Google (which is the major search engine, although depending on your target you could target others like Bing, Yahoo, etc.) your website must do 2 key things, Positioning & Optimisation.

Let’s learn a little bit more about the important of SEO positioning and SEO optimisation for getting a website designed like a professional:


This is not too complicated to understand, in fact it is simple!

Research is key, so you must research how your target audience likes their websites. So, do they like to read more or see more images, or enjoy more videos. Depending on this, you need to create relevant content and position them accordingly on your website.

Content whether it is text, image or videos, should be easy to find. If you have text on your website – they should be easy to read. If you have images on your web site design – they must be high quality and attractive. If you have videos incorporated into the web design – they must be high quality, fast loading and must have good audio and video sync.

Neilson study shows that most online readers follow a “F” pattern when reading information.

This is why things like the menu, navigation bar, etc are almost always found in the top of the website, psychologically people consider that of importance.

These research findings must be utilised properly to get results that you desire. So, you are able to show your target audience the information that you think is important for them to see.


Now, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO for short) is much more than what you think of it!

It is common to find many people who either love or hate SEO. But regardless, they are both unaware of the depths of SEO needed to build a website. Most people will think of it as unnecessary and rely on ads while others will leave it until the website is fully ready.

Think of SEO in a difference scenario:

You are baking a cake. You want to make sure it looks good and tastes. Not just one or the other. SEO is like the sugar in the ingredient. So, saying that you will first make it look good and then make sure it tastes right, doesn’t make sense. In order for both your cake to look good and taste good certain things must be done ahead of time.

SEO is similar to this when making your website look good. Yes, for the most part SEO doesn’t have anything to do with how your website looks. But if you do not follow the SEO guidelines while getting your website designed, then you will be harming it regardless of how good it looks on the outside or the front end.

So, let’s cover the absolute SEO basics that you must ensure while getting your new web site designed:


The metadata is simply your page title and description. In web design, every web page is designed and given individual care. Similarly, each web page design must have its meta title and meta description completed with your target keywords.

While you have a normal title for your visitors or readers, the meta title and description is for Google.

– title of web page
– description of web page content

The importance of meta data is not limited to search engines like Google, which is why you should make sure that they are written in a way that it can attract your target visitors as well.

Image Alt Text

When using images on your website, your users are able to “see” them. How do you make Google “see” your images? The Alt Text is how Google is able to understand the relevance of an image to your website.

So, when you build a website design all the images that are being used on for getting the website designed must have an alt text filled out. This way, all those images are not just a waste of space rather search engines value them for what they are.

The Alt text will never be visible on your website, so it doesn’t have to be formatted nicely for your readers, just make sure that it is present for every image on your website.

Multimedia Compression

We have covered how you need high resolution images, which are attractive incorporated when you build a website. But having a lot of large files like images and videos can significantly slow down your website. This is a huge SEO red flag!

So, what can you do so that your visitors are not clicking on your web site and then immediately going away when your web page design takes too long to load?


Use one of the many image compression tools available for free online to compress images and even videos to ensure that your website loading speed does not fall below par.

Mobile Responsiveness

Now, I know that you must have already heard about this, even if you are unaware of everything else, we have spoken about in this blog. In 2019, it is as big as it gets in SEO.

Everyone is on a smart device whether it is a phone, tablet, portable PC etc. So, when you build a website, you cannot simply focus on how it will look on a desktop or laptop.

Rather, you should get your website designed in such a way that it is fully functional and beautiful across all mobile devices of varying shapes and sizes.

So, make sure that your website designer or web design agency is building a mobile responsive design for your new website.

#7 Regularly Review, Analyse & Reinforce Your Website

At this point, you have done the following things:

– Set your website’s purpose
– Researched latest web design trends
– Selected a reliable platform – WordPress
– Decided on your brand identity (colours scheme, font style, brand theme)
– Optimised your web site design (SEO)

You are ready to go LIVE with your new web site design!

The next step is maintenance of your new website – this means you regularly look at its performance, analyse your findings and implement improvements for better results.

This can mean a simple thing like taking feedback from friends, family and colleagues. Some of the most common things that you want to check are the following:

  1. Make sure all your links available on the website are working
  2. All your content is easy to find and read
  3. It is easy to go back to your homepage or your contact us page
  4. Your website is looking good & working well on desktops, phones, tablets, etc.
  5. You loading speed in between 5-7 seconds
Congratulations on your new web site designed like a pro


You now have an incredible website designed like a professional which is working wonders! Job done, now you can relax.

Well… not really!

The hard work is actually just beginning. Because now you must make sure that your website is performing consistently. Or else, you won’t get visitors and without visitors, you have no potential money-making customers.

You have to keep working and improving, and if you are not in charge of your website you better make sure that your web designer or web designing agency is working hard regularly!

a web site designed to perform must be monitored

You should take advantage of tools such as Google Analytics for tracking the performance of your website.

The truth is, getting a professionally website designed is never a job which gets truly done. While you may relax and look at the beauty of your new website designed like your dreams, your completion will overtake you on the Google’s SERP.

Speak to one of our SEO Experts to find out more about Google’s SERP & how to build a website which works in 2019 and will continue to do so!


And… there you have it!

You’re now armed with the essentials for getting a web site designed like a pro without costing you an arm and a leg. Let’s quickly review the steps to take to build a website.

  1. Define A Purpose & Strategy for Your Website
  2. Research the Latest Web Site Design Trends
  3. Choose A Reliable Platform like WordPress
  4. Select a Theme & Build Upwards
  5. Select Your Brand Style & Implement It
  6. Pay Attention to SEO & Optimised Content
  7. Regularly Review, Analyse & Reinforce Your Website

Hurry up and like, share or comment on this blog, or better yet, bookmark it now so that you can come back to it when you are ready to build a website like a professional with a minimal budget.

Getting a web site designed like a pro doesn't have to be expensive or full of hassles

Remember: professional doesn’t always mean expensive!

Be aware of what the experts are recommending and be prepared to learn more about a thing instead of avoiding it. To get help from an expert, it will help if you know the basics to not just understand what’s going on but also, to keep a check to make sure things are going the right way.

Oh, and if you want us to answer a specific question, or cover a certain topic in detail, let us know in the comments and we will get back to you.

Truth be told, design is never complete – as a designer you will continue to trial new things and even old things in the pursuit of the perfect design which doesn’t exist. Because design is dynamic and the demand is never consistent.

You must always be ready to change with changing trends to continue to be relevant with your design. This doesn’t mean never get out of the maintenance mode in your website, rather it means that always be open to changes.

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