How To Get A New eCommerce Web Site Designed in 2020

How To Get A New eCommerce Web Site Designed in 2020

Are you looking to turn around your fortune in the new year by getting a new web site designed?

We all want to improve in the coming year 2020 by learning from the mistakes and opportunities of the past year 2019.

Whether it is to do with your business, career, family, friends, hobbies or personal development. It is crucial that we adapt to the changes surrounding us to prepare ourselves better.

2019 has been an exceptional year for online businesses such as eCommerce web site industry. We have seen sales soar for established corporate eCommerce giants while small business owners have also taken the leap into the vast potential of the internet using an online shop website.

If you are a business owner that buy or sell your services, then you must have considered buying and selling using a website to reach your target online customers. If you thought getting an eCommerce web site designed was too difficult and did not move ahead in 2019, then this article is for you!

A Simple Process To Get An eCommerce Web site designed In 2020!

Believe it or not, you can actually get an eCommerce web site designed and launched within a day. So, it is not something which is impossible to do!

But of course, a solid web site designed like a professional requires careful planning, and a solid development process. Which is why The Web Designer Group will help you to make the impossible, very much possible using the following 3-step process:

Choose Your Desired Web Site Design Package

Most web design agencies in UK look for ways to get more money out of the initial cost of starting a web design project. We have a different strategy… it’s not that we don’t like to make money, but we like to do it through a transparent process with 100% customer satisfaction.

You actually have to options of getting an online shopping web site designed by us – a standard website with custom coding for buying, selling and accepting payments OR a full-scale eCommerce website.

Standard Web Site Designed By Us

The first option is that of the standard web design package, you can get started by getting a web site designed for as little £495.

You will then be able to add the online payment service add-on if you want to allow online payments and depending on your unique requirements custom coding ranging between £50 – £250.

So, for well within the £1000 mark, you will get a standard web site designed where you can display products for your visitors which they can order and pay for using your choice payment service provider such as GoCardless, Stripe or PayPal.

eCommerce Web Site Designed By Us

The second option is a full-scale eCommerce web site designed like any other eCommerce business. The starting price of an eCommerce web site designed by us is £1495. So, for this price alone, you will get a complete eCommerce web site designed and launched including all of the features such as the following:

  • List unlimited products
  • Checkout and customer my-account pages
  • Discount code functionality
  • Product ratings and reviews
  • Product sorting and filtering
  • Product variations
  • Shipping options and rates
  • VAT invoice options
  • Stock management
  • Order Management
  • Related products
  • Sales report
  • Integrated Debit/Credit card checkout

You will not just get a basic website, rather a complete eCommerce website which allows you to cater to your customer from as little 10 products to thousands of products.

Getting Your eCommerce Web Site Designed: What’s Next?

get a web site designed for your eCommerce business

After you are happy to go with your desired web site design package, we will raise and invoice for you to complete payment. Then your account manager will provide you with the link to our interactive web site design brief. You will be able to put in all your input regarding your choice of design aspects such as example website designs you like, colours, font styles, etc. You can even add in your product list at this point if it is ready, it not, you can get products added to your new web site design at a later time.

We will show you a preview of the new web site designed by us, if you are happy with it, we will go live. If not, we will make unlimited revisions until you are satisfied and then make your new website live.

Get Your Web Site Designed By Professionals in 2020!

Quick & Easy | Affordable & Reliable | Professional Support

Final Thoughts

That’s it!

After this, we will be with you every step of the way for taking care of all the little website changes, maintenance and updates to make sure that you don’t have to worry about the website.

You take complete care of your eCommerce business customers while we handle all the things that come with running your eCommerce website.

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