How to Drive Website Traffic using SEO

How to Drive Website Traffic using SEO

It’s not a secret that one of the keys to high conversions and increased revenue is to drive traffic to your website. Besides, if your customers are not aware of your business online, they certainly won’ be making any purchases. Even if you hire the best web design agent that could build a website for you, your revenue will not increase if you don’t get any traffic. But how do you actually increase traffic to your website?

Here are the top five tactics that can help drive traffic to your website using SEO:

  1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging on other websites within your niche is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site. This tactic will also help you boost PR and improve your credibility as an authority in your niche. It increases awareness of your brand and exposes your company to potential customers. If you have a blog, consider interviewing industry experts and encourage them to share the blog on their social media pages.

  1. Social Media

Social media is a growing market for online businesses. Most of the social media platforms of today act as a brand builder and influence brand loyalty and traffic. They also help encourage immediate click through while driving more traffic to your site. A web design agent should get you in touch with a social media marketing company that’s capable of creating effective social media marketing strategies for your business.

  1. Email Marketing

Although there are some discrepancies as to the exact ROI that email marketing can provide you with, experts agree that it’s one of the most effective marketing tools of today that can provide a higher return on investment. In order to maximise the email marketing benefits, consider implementing A/B testing and segmentation. These tactics can help develop a more personal relationship with your customers. It will also help you determine the subject lines and content that your target consumers would prefer.

  1. Video Content

Video is a truly effective form of online marketing. Yet, it’s underused. Many businesses tend to focus on blogs and gaining Instagram followers, but it’s the videos that actually receive the highest number of views and shares. In fact, 76% of marketers say that video content has greatly helped improve the traffic on their site. There are various types of videos that you can implement for your online marketing strategy and this includes social media clips, brand videos, informational videos, advertisements, and demonstrations.

  1. Online Advertising

Although every brand dreams of organic and non-paid strategies that are capable of driving traffic, you just cannot beat the power of advertising. Unique advertising strategies like re-marketing and re-targeting are highly effective. Re-targeting serves customers ads for your website while encouraging them to revisit. On the other hand, re-marketing helps send users a curated email that’s based on the activities they did on your site.

Although SEO is truly effective and all businesses should consider investing in it, there are definitely several other ways on how you can drive traffic to your website. Even the top web design agent would agree on that.