How to Buff Up Your Website and Do More Business

How to Buff Up Your Website and Do More Business

If you’re in the e-commerce business, then you know how important your website is for your business. Upgrading your existing website is one way to sell more products and bring in new customers to your business. If you’re based in, one way to improve your website is by hiring a graphic designer. But you cannot just leave everything to the graphic designer.

As the owner of your company, you should also be aware of some tips on how to buff up your website and expand your business.

Reconsider the Design

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The overall design of your website has a major impact on your customers and eventually on your sales. Therefore, consider tweaking your website’s design from time to time. In fact, in an e-commerce business, a good website design is one thing that should be done well. This includes having a clear brand identity, easy product browsing and search, clear visual hierarchy, and a clearly laid-out navigation search.

Remember that every e-commerce business relies on its website not only to earn revenue but to also communicate its brand’s identity while creating an overall enjoyable experience among its shoppers. While you may still be able to make some sales with a poorly designed website, by incorporating effective and shopper-friendly elements into your e-commerce site, you’ll be able to enjoy long-term results.

Make a Good First Impression

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If you’re going to hire graphic designer to design your website, they will make sure to design it in such a way that you’ll be able to make a great and lasting impression on your customers. As we all know, first impressions really matter. The moment your customers get into your website, it will not take long for them to decide whether to continue shopping or leave.

Your website’s homepage is the first thing that customers will notice the moment they get into your site. Therefore, you should pay utmost importance to it. Consider upgrading or improving its functionality if necessary. When redesigning your website’s homepage, start at the top of the site and work your way down. Take a look at your website in the same way that your customers would so you will know what needs to be changed or improved.

Add Autofill

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Autofill has definitely come a long way and intelligent autofill technology can help streamline your customer’s shopping experience while boosting your conversion rates. Autofill is being used increasingly in various mobile shopping apps these days which is another upgrade to consider. Before, autofill was only available as a web browser feature, but it’s now available as a service that can be white-labelled for a mobile shopping application. The autofill is definitely an important and critical step towards mobile shopping conversions.

Regardless of the type of e-commerce business that you have, buffing up your website from time to time is extremely necessary. You don’t really need to do it yourself. If you’re based in, it may be a better option to hire a graphic designer.

Think about how much you want on your website

There is so much you can do to spruce up and buff your design that you might not be able to think about what you really want to integrate within your website. These could be a few things like website content writing, booking system, custom contact form, live chat functionality, online payment facility, reviews system, customer testimonials, photo gallery, website translation, menu design. As you can tell the list is endless at this point.

With all of these points in mind you need to figure out whether they are worth the price as well as if you can fit everything in your website to make it look incredible. Of course, you need to think is all of this worth it? Are you going to gain more clientele from implementing all of these changes, more than likely the answer will be no unless you have some great SEO to boost you up the rankings.

Consider search engine optimisation

Two young designers are working on a new project in the night office using modern technology

One of the best and original ways to buff up your website is with search engine optimisation. Although you won’t really see the results physically on your website, behind the scenes you can will see that your website will rise in the search engine rankings for the keywords that you are targeting.

If done correctly by the terms that search engines like Google want in 2019 then you can expect a nice jump. However, be aware that there are ways that can harm your website and see it thrown straight into the gutter.

The ways you can ruin your website just so you know for reference are as follows:

  • Creating spam links which might have text attached to them also known as “anchor text” that might contain profanity.
  • Building links to low domain authority websites that are NOT relative to your niche
  • Not keeping your website up to date with new content on a weekly basis

These are just a few, however, you can imagine there are a lot more.


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