How to Boost Your Website Ranking

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We can all appreciate the importance of using quality content to attract visitors to your website, but there are other methods that you can use to boost your search engine rankings besides publishing high-quality content on a regular basis.

The best part about the following tips is that they’ve got nothing to do with hiring an SEO expert or redoing your website from scratch. They’re simple, basic and easy to apply methods that will enable you to significantly boost the search engine rankings of your website just like one of the best website developers in UK.

  1. Incorporate More Videos and Transcription

Video is one of the best ways to engage with visitors on your website because it’s a bit more interactive and detailed than written text or static images. Therefore, you can use video to convey multiple layers of information about your brand in a way that will attract the right attention from the right viewers.

However, as with any piece of content, it’s important to ensure that your videos provide value to the viewer by imparting information that the viewer didn’t know before. This could be anything from a helpful tutorial to an educational video that’s presented in a narrative form.

Either way, make sure that you use high-quality equipment when shooting and editing the video so that the visuals come out looking like something that a 21st-century viewer would want to watch.

Once you’re ready to upload the video onto your website, make sure you incorporate the right metadata, much like you would when uploading images, for example. Also, the thumbnail you use should be equally attention-grabbing and/or witty in order to attract the attention of your viewers.

Your video should also be accompanied by a detailed transcript that describes the content of your video, as that’ll make it accessible to a wider range of users including the hearing impaired or someone who’s using a sound-disabled device.

Whatever you do, use different video content for each page that you want to incorporate video into, as this will also contribute to the video’s accessibility and interest factor.

  1. Tag Like a Pro

You’ve probably heard about meta tags before, and that’s because they’re an important aspect of SEO. It’s a well-known feature among the best website developers in UK, as they use it to make sure that their client’s websites stand out from the crowd in the search engine rankings.

Meta tags are basically information extracts that describe the content within the website, and as such, they’re an intrinsic part of website code.

All you need to do in order to tag like one of the best website developers in UK is to:

  • Include a title tag, which should be the same as the title of the actual page because that’s what will appear in the search engine results.
  • Include a meta description attribute, which refers to the short description that you see under the heading in the search engine results page. For maximum effectiveness, keep these descriptions short and make sure that each page has a unique one.
  • Meta robots attribute: This will make or break your chances of getting indexed, and appears as the index/noindex information.