How to Add Personality to Your Website to Maximise Conversion Rates

How to Add Personality to Your Website to Maximise Conversion Rates

The moment someone visits your landing page, it only takes less than 8 seconds for that person to decide whether to leave or stay on your website. This decision is often done half unconsciously and half-consciously. A good example of this unconscious decision-making is when we meet someone who is confidently poised and speaks calmly and we immediately put our trust in that person. This also works when searching for the best web designing packages. We tend to make an unconscious decision based on the first thing that we see.

Your landing page is no different. If you want to maximise conversion rates in your website, here’s how you can add personality and trust to your landing pages.

  1. Use Friendly Colours

Colour psychology is the process of exploring how colours impact a person’s reactions, perceptions, and emotions. But in the field of marketing, it’s merely about using colours to increase user engagement, trigger the desired action, and establish an emotional connection. Colours have the ability to trigger the most innate part of our self. Whenever we see the shades of green, we tend to be calm because green could signify life and water. Otherwise, whenever we see the shades of red, our heartbeat speeds up and this could trigger us to act quickly on our feelings.

Choosing the right colour can make your landing page appear friendly, which will increase your website’s click-through rate. By implementing the right colour scheme, you are putting your visitor at ease, while creating a good first impression.

  1. Include Images of People

Having a picture of a wholesome and happy person in one corner of your landing page could create a positive impact on a website’s response rate. By having images of people on your landing page, you’ll be able to easily communicate trust way better than with any other word. But just like with any landing page optimisation, you cannot just throw any smiling person on the page and decide you’re already good with the results that you get. Remember that you always have to optimise and test.

Optimising the images on your landing page means looking for the right image that can reach out to your target market. Thus, when looking for web designing packages, choose something that’s capable of providing the right type of image that can work for your website’s landing page.

  1. Focus on Your Tone and Language

The language that your business uses at the landing page frames the overall tone of your website. In order to come up with a personable, friendly, and relatable landing page, you must focus your message on the needs and wants of your visitors. It’s important that your landing page is personal and should be all about your visitor in terms of language use. Above all, it should create a friendly and personable tone, so try to use “we” as much as you can. You must also focus on the value. Instead of saying, “buy now” you could say “get access to…”

Hopefully, the above tips will give you insights and inspirations to create your own website’s landing page. There are also web-designing packages that include landing pages that have a good personality.

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