How Much Does A Web Site Design Cost In 2019?

How Much Does A Web Site Design Cost In 2019?

A Responsive Web Site Design is a Web Site Design which automatically adapts to the screen size the website is viewed on. This provides potential website visitors with the best user experience. With almost a quarter of UK owning at least one smart device, having a responsive web site design is a must. However, that being said, web design companies are aware of the growing market and consequently, sometimes charge an extra fee for features like responsive web site design.

Below we explain exactly how much does a responsive web site design cost in 2019 and what options are available to you:

01 | Web Site Design Cost Summary

02 | Different Web Site Design Cost Ranges

03 | Custom Functionality Web Site Design Cost Ranges

04 | Content & Graphics Web Site Design Cost Ranges

05 | Hosting Web Site Design Cost Ranges

01 | Web Site Design Cost Summary

Web Site Design Cost In 2019 ranges from £0 – £5000+ depending on the following factors:

  • How you have the Web Site Designed:
    • Whether you design it yourself
    • Whether you use a freelance web designer
    • Whether you have it built overseas
    • Whether you use a Web Design Agency
  • The type of Web Site Design you require
    • A simple brochure web site design
    • Business web site design
    • An e-Commerce web site design
    • Custom web site design
  • Custom Functionality
    • Accepting Payments Online
    • A Gallery
    • Membership Area
    • Custom Contact Forms
    • API integration
    • Website Translation
  • Content & Graphics
    • Whether you would like content professionally written for your web site design
    • Whether you would like to use professional stock photos for your web site design
    • Whether you already have a logo for your web site design
  • Design
    • Whether you would like a custom design for your web site design
    • Whether you would like 2 designs; 1 for larger screens and 1 for a small screen size
  • Hosting
    • Whether you would like shared hosting or dedicated hosting
    • Whether you would like your web site design hosted in the UK
    • Whether you would like an individual IP address for your web site design
  • Security
    • Whether you would like your web site design optimised for top level security
    • Whether your website is in a specific industry which is targeted by hackers
    • Whether you want to limit what countries your web site design is available to
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
    • Whether you would like your on-site web site design optimised for SEO.
    • Whether you would like an off-site SEO campaign as part of the package
  • Maintenance & Support
    • Whether you are looking for an on-going support and maintenance package
    • Whether your more hands on and prefer to maintain a website yourself

How you have the Web Site Designed:

Web Site Design Perfect For Price Range
Building Your Own Web Site Design Personal Use £8.50 per month
Overseas / Offshore Web Site Design Not Recommended £150 – £400 one off cost
Freelancer Web Site Design Sole Traders & Small Businesses £200 – 600 one off cost
Web Design Agency Web Site Design Sole Traders & Small To Medium Size Businesses £500+

Creating a web site design yourself is very tempting with a price point starting at nothing. However, if you have never created a web site design before, the end result of your web site will sometimes display that. If the result is poor this could have a big impact on your business, as your web site design is sometimes the first port of call when researching about your company.

There are many free web site builder tools and companies out there and their marketing adverts make it look so simple. Yet, 27% of new web site designs built by The Web Designer Group are from people who have previously attempted to build their own web site design using a free web site builder.

The other thing to consider when thinking about creating your own web site is the fact that your web site is being built using templates and can ultimately leave your website look very similar to other websites out there. Using a website builder where you drag and drop elements to build your site may look and sound easy, however on average people take between 2 – 4 months to build their own website design before it can go live. That being said most reputable web design agencies will be able to design and build you a bespoke web site design within 2 weeks.

Another downfall of creating your own web site design is your web site will not be future proofed, as you will only be able to add, change or edit using the web site builder of the company you are using. This can sometimes restrict your companies’ web site offering and limit your conversions.

Diy Websites Represents Www Home And Habitation

One final question you should consider when looking to build your own web site design, is how do these companies who offer a free web site builder make money?

The answer is usually in the latter… As soon as you want to start adding simple functions such as videos, your own domain etc, you will be hit with additional fees.

However, if you still want to have a go at building your own web site design, we would recommend WIX, as they have the easiest web site builder.

Using a freelance web designer to have your web site design created, can be cost-effective. It may take a while to find a descent freelance web designer through research. But you will receive a personal touch with more of a personalised web designing service. Generally freelance web designers charge considerably less than web design agencies. Freelance web designers charge between £35 – £80 per hour.

As the cost may be lower than a web design agency, you maybe be tempted, however you are limited to what the freelance web designer can offer you; this can be factors such as:

Young man at home using a computer, freelance developer or desig
  • A certain type of CMS – (Content Management System) As the freelance web designer may only have experience in designing websites using a certain type of CMS.
  • Hosting – As freelance web designers generally have a small number of clients, they normally provide you with an off the self-hosting package. This can sometimes reduce the speed of your web site design due to shared hosting or even worse have your web site design blacklisted. The reason being, shared hosting does exactly what it says on the tin, you share the server where your web site design is hosted and if another web site is penalised and using the same IP address as yours, it can also affect your web site designs rankings.
  • Support – As you are dealing with 1 person sometimes the aftercare / support can be slow or unresponsive. Leaving your business web site design in the lurch.

Using an offshore / overseas web design company can cost between a freelance web designer and building your website option. Although thought to be the second cheapest option in having your web site design created, can also be extremely tricky. Ever heard of the saying, if something is too good to be true, then it probably isn’t true?

That’s often the case when using an offshore / overseas web design company due to the following factors:

  • Reliability – Sometimes offshore / overseas web design companies are very difficult to get a hold of.
  • Fraud – As the internet has smashed through new ways of sending monies, sometimes its very easy for an offshore company to ask you to send monies in advance via PayPal and then you never hear from them again.
  • Language barrier – Although a lot of oversees web companies speak English, it is very poor. So, when it comes to explaining your vision, this becomes quite difficult.
  • Time difference – You may need a change to your web site design at a specific design, however due to time difference sometimes this can’t happen until they are working.

An obvious yet the most expensive choice, is generally using a Web Design Agency to have your web site design built by. Web Design Agencies in the UK are generally very good at what they do.

The main difference between choosing the right and wrong Web Design Agency is factors such as:

  • What is included in the web site design package?
  • What isn’t included in the web design package and how much does it cost in the future?
  • Is web site hosting included, if so where is the web site hosted?
  • Is after care / web site design provided?
  • Who owns the web site copyright?
  • Do you get a free web site domain?
  • Are there any monthly fees?
  • Will you have a dedicated account manager?

When looking into web design agencies it’s important to understand exactly what your getting for your money, and that’s why we have written a complete guide on what to look out for when dealing with a Web Design Agency here.

02 | Different Web Site Design Cost Ranges

Type of Web Site Design Perfect For Price Range
Brochure / Basic Web Site Design Individuals, Self-Employed, Small Businesses, Online Business Card £150 – £600
Business Web Site Design New Start Up Businesses, Small Businesses, Freelancers £400 – £1200
eCommerce Web Site Design Any Business Looking To Launch An Online Shop £1200 – £3500
Custom Web Site Design Businesses looking for custom functionality £3000+

Brochure Website

A simple brochure web site design also known as a basic web site design, is generally a web site design with up to 5 website pages. Generally, brochure web site designs are made up of:

  • Home Web Page
  • About Us Web Page
  • Services Web Page
  • Gallery Web Page
  • Contact Us Web Page

A brochure style web site design is perfect for getting your business online. Essentially think of it as your online business card. Great option when you are on a budget, however the web site is limited to the information you can display about your company.

Business Website

A business web site design is more than just a basic brochure style website. It provides you with the opportunity to display detailed information about your products and services. Most business web site designs also come with modern web design features like:

Social media network connection concept
  • Social Media integration
  • Google My Business integration
  • Content Management System
  • Custom call to action

Essentially a business web site design is tailored to your business, and more importantly designed around your vision. With a content management system, it gives you control over the website; allowing you to update your website as and when you choose to.

eCommerce Website

eCommerce web site design is one the fastest growing web site design types. The reason being is, it gives you the ability to start selling products and services immediately without the cost and overheads of opening a physical shop / outlet. You will generally find the cost of an eCommerce web site design is based on the following factors:

  • Number of products / services you which to advertise
  • Whether you require products to have the ability to be variable – such as colours etc
  • Whether you would like a specific payment gateway integrated
Online shopping through buying from internet

Although eCommerce web site design is extremely popular, it’s also well known for web site owners to be hit for hidden fees for features like:

  • SSL Security fees
  • Additional Hosting fees
  • Additional Maintenance fees

The truth be told is that eCommerce web design is very similar to any other web site design. If coded to a good standard should not incur hidden fees, neither should it matter whether you offer 1 product / service or 1 million products / services.

View Our eCommerce Web Site Design Portfolio!
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Custom Website

Custom web site design is normally the route if you have a custom idea, or generally you need a web site design which hasn’t been done before. Custom functionality normally entails custom database and plugin work. Creating a web site design with custom functionality can be time consuming and costly if you don’t choose the right web design company. The first step is to write down exactly your vision, what custom functionality you would like and how you would see the website working.

The web design agency should then provide you with the following:

web design word abstract on a digital tablet
  • Scope of work
  • Solution to any custom functionality you would like and how it would work
  • Time scales
  • Payment terms
  • Any on-going costs

Be careful and be sure to have everything in writing form the web design agency, as the sometimes you can be overwhelmed by the technical jargon. If you are unsure about an aspect of the quote, as them web design agency to explain it again for you.

03 | Custom Functionality Web Site Design Cost Ranges

Web Site Designs with custom functionality are generally quoted for on a feature required basis. Depending on the feature prices will vary, however below we will take a look at the most popular features in the web design industry:

Feature Price Range
Accepting Credit / Debit Card Payments £99 – £500
Photo / Video Gallery £45 – £180
Membership Area £600 – £1000
Custom Contact Forms £45 – £120
API Integration £500+
Website Translation £95 – £350

Online Payment

Accepting card payments online is a great way to enhance your web site design and make it easier for your customers to pay you. There are several merchant providers and payment gateways which can be integrated into your web site design.

Online Payment Icon.

Depending on which payment provider you choose, will depend upon how much work is involved in coding it into your web site design. If you opt to go for a popular payment processor like PayPal or Stripe then you will be looking at the lower end of the price range, the reason being UK Web Designers are used to coding the popular ones.

We should mention that the popular payment providers also have great support and documentation for web developers looking to integrate their payment service.

Multimedia Gallery

A photo or video gallery can transform your web site design into an online portfolio.

Perspective of images streaming from the deep

A great feature to show examples of work you have done in the past. Galleries can be designed to suit your business, with box standard galleries to more complex galleries like masonic grids and hover effects. For a simple standard photo gallery, you should be looking at under £50. Where as if you wanted a video gallery the price may increase depending on how you host the video, and what visual effect you want on the gallery.

[rt_fancy_text_box_style fancy_textbox_title=”Photo Gallery” fancy_textbox_subtitle=”Just £45″ fancy_textbox_content=”We will set up a dedicated photo gallery for you for just £45. You can include any images you want and upload new ones once the system is in place.” fancy_textbox_image=”64599″ fancy_textbox_link=”|title:Website%20Page%20Content%20Writing|target:%20_blank|” fancy_textbox_color=”#1e73be”]

Membership Area

Membership areas are perfect for a web site design which is trying to create its own community. Whether your looking to offer exclusive content, offers or even downloads, a membership area is the feature that can achieve this with ease. For a simple membership area to display exclusive content, you would be looking at around £600. However, if you’re looking for a more complex membership area, the price will increase dependant upon what your requirements are.

Custom Contact Form

If you offer a number of different services, having a custom contact form / multiple contact forms is a great way to find out exactly what service the customer is looking for. If you simply need a contact form with custom fields, that will cost you around £45 to be coded. However, if you’re looking for something more complex where as if a customer enters certain information a calculation is done in the background before displaying the result, this will cost you just over £100 to be coded by UK Web Designers.

API Integration

API is way that web site servers can talk to each other. As an example, if you wanted to created a car web site design, you may want to pull in the car model etc., to manually add every car and keep it up to date would be a very time consuming and long task.

Robot with tools and application programming interface sign. Technology concept

DVLA may be able to provide you with an API, where a customer can enter a number plate on your website and in simple terms: your web site server would talk to DVLA’s web site server and pull the information for you. API’s are a great tool depending on the company who is providing you with the API, the reason being is that every API is coded differently and as such needs to be coding for your web site design individually.

Depending on the API documentation and how much coding and testing is required, you would be looking at a minimum cost of around £500. We would recommend you setup a call between your website developer and your API provider to ascertain a full quote before going ahead with any API integration.

Website Translation

If your web site design targets different languages and countries, it’s absolute must that your website is geared up with website translation. Website translation can be coded to any website for a very small fee if you choose to use a free translation service such as Google Translate.

However, if you choose for each page to be manually translated for each language the cost will be a lot higher. Another factor in the cost will be how many languages you want your website translated for.

[rt_fancy_text_box_style fancy_textbox_title=”Website Translation” fancy_textbox_subtitle=”Just £95″ fancy_textbox_content=”You can purchase our website translation add-on which will increase your customer base across different cultures and nationalities.” fancy_textbox_image=”64600″ fancy_textbox_link=”|title:Website%20Page%20Content%20Writing|target:%20_blank|” fancy_textbox_color=”#1e73be”]

04 | Content & Graphics Web Site Design Cost Ranges

While you are planning your web site design, do not make the mistake of copying all the text from another website, as this is frowned up by Google; click here to find out more about duplicate content.

When a customer visits your website the content (text) needs to read professionally well and be engaging. If you don’t have any content or are struggling to write content, then you can have your website pages professionally written for around £45 per page.

Using photos from the web or from another web site design is an infringement on copyright law and you could be fined. Click here to find out more about Copyright infringement penalties and how you can avoid them.

Most web design agencies have a preferred supplier of high quality royalty free stock photos, you can expect to pay around £35 per 10 images, however if you would like stock videos there maybe additional costs involved. Also depending on what resolution of the images / video would like will also play a factor in the price.

If your business doesn’t have a business logo yet, you may incur an additional fee of around £100-£500 depending on the complexity and revisions of your logo design.

However most reputable web design agencies provide a free logo design when your order a web site design with them. When having a new logo designed, please ensure all file types are provided such as high resolution etc, as some web companies charge extra for high resolution versions of the final logo.

web designer working on user interface at office

Bespoke Web Designs are tailored by web designers to suit a business needs, by customising the templates look, feel and colours. However if you would like a graphic designer to draw you a completely custom web design, you can expect to pay between £500-£2000 for the design, and then the web design agency may also charge you an additional fee to transform the graphic designers designs into a web coded page.

Having a responsive web site design (mobile friendly) is so important and is pretty standard practise now for a web site design to be responsive. However, if you would like a dedicated custom responsive web site design (mobile site) on top of your normal web site design you can expect to pay between £500-£1000, as it is essentially like having another web site designed.

05 | Hosting Web Site Design Cost Ranges

Web site design hosting cost changes depending on the following factors:

  • The type of web site design hosting you require
    • Shared hosting: Perfect if you’re just starting out or if your web site design is expecting a small amount of website visitors. Shared hosting prices start from £3.99 per month.
    • Dedicated hosting; Perfect if your planning a large website or big eCommerce web site design. Dedicated hosting prices start from around £180 per month, however if your going to manage it yourself, be sure to choose a dedicated managed server option. Otherwise you will need to look after the dedicated server updated and security.
    • VPS hosting; Perfect for a website looking to go big but its not quite grown to justify the cost of dedicated server just yet. A VPS is where you get more storage, processing and memory resources than a shared hosting option. VPS hosting starts from around £70 per month.
Scool blackboard with WEB Hosting handwritten on it
  • Where your web site design is hosted
    • UK – if you want your website hosted in the UK, expect to pay a premium as UK data centres are industry leading and some of the best in the world.
    • Oversees – you can expect to pay a lower price if you choose to host your web site design outside the UK. The generally rule is to try and host your web site design in the country your business mainly does business.
  • Individual IP addresses
    • Individual IP addresses come at a premium as it basically means no one else shares that website IP address. The advantage of having your own IP address is for SEO reasons it keeps you separate from anyone else on that server.
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Hopefully, this blog was able to better inform you about the many different ways to get a web site designed and developed in 2019. We will follow up with more, so keep checking for the next article on the ins and outs of web site design in UK.

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