How is the success of a website managed?

How is the success of a website managed?

There are many different factors that come into measuring the success of a website. These are usually a long the lines of metrics, data and analytics that you can find with the various tools across the World Wide Web. The best tool to use to see and evaluate your is of course Google Analytics. This tool is free to use and gives you a comprehensive readout of the metrics that you’re wanting to see. Read on to find out what Google Analytics metrics you’re given and how The Web Designer Group turns that into something that the average person can understand.

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Unfortunately measuring success can’t always be about design elements such as pretty colours, textures and fonts because if that we’re the case we’d all be a lot happier. However, for most people you can rest assured that there are always people that are willing to go through the nitty gritty of this stuff like us and tell you the results that you have gained.

Bounce Rate is important especially for web site design

To the average joe this is something that might be confusing or completely new. Not to worry though as we will be explaining in depth about all of these metrics that you can expect to come across in your Google Analytics.

Bounce rate is what Google defines as “the percentage of visits that go to a certain page before the person or bot exits the page”. This is divided by a certain number of instances such as somebody leaving your website by clicking an external link, pressing the back button on their browser, closing the browser or tab, typing another URL into the web browser and not interacting with the page for an extended period of time which then puts the user as a session timeout.

What you need to derive from this is why the users are leaving your website or sticking around. This can be caused by a variety of features across your website. For example, if you have a lot of Calls to Action on your website then that is going to potentially increase the individual buying your product or services. One of the best ways to see this is by installing a heatmap on your website because this gives you the ability to see where your visitors are clicking throughout your website.

When you have all the information you need then we suggest that you make changes to your website and include or remove some features.

Number of visitors towards your website

This is probably one of the most important metrics that Google Analytics has as it actively tracks the number of visitors towards your website each month. This metric takes a look at how the visitors are getting to your website as well either via social media, Google search or a referral link from another website. Having more people coming to your website Is great right? Especially when you have great web site design from The Web Designer Group.

One of the great things about this metric is it will let you know when a huge spike of traffic hits your website to which you can optimise for to keep it. However, if you have a big drop then you need to actively find out why as fast as possible.

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The average time that a user is on a page

This is extremely important especially if your website is a fully functional portfolio about yourself or business. If you have great content like videos then expect a user to stay longer than just having writing across your website. This metric actively tells you how long someone is on a page which is similar to bounce rate but this time it looks at your website as a catalyst unlike bounce rate which looks at where your get your visitors from.

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Conversion Rate

This is the more technical word for how many people are using your website to purchase your products or services. Surprisingly though there are many other different kinds of conversions though which you might be unaware of. These include visitor to lead conversion rate, email conversion rate, landing page (Home page) conversion rate and finally lead to customer conversion rate. Which all have quality parts to play in creating you more revenue through your online business. Which at the end of the day gives you peace of mind and can let you think about other areas to improve on your custom website.

So, what we are really trying to say here is that you need to make sure you have a high amount of conversions to make more revenue for your business and yourself.

Click Through Rate

Our last metric which you can find on Google Analytics is click through rate. This is extremely important if you’re wanting your visitor to be directed to either a form or another page. We do this with what is called a CTA (Calls to Action) as this is the best way to direct your potential customer to the purchase page or to a product which might be half price for a period of time. Without a call to action the individual would have little knowledge of where to go or the more likely thing to happen is that they will lose interest.

One of the great things about Calls to Action being used is that you can constantly test them either with colours or placement throughout your website to see where you get the best click through rate from. Do some testing as it is all about balance and making sure that you get all of these things right for your website. We personally think that this can also give you a lot of design inspiration making you a more creative person. Heck, you might even start getting into web site design and creating a few website templates for yourself in the process.


Having learnt about the intricacies that go into a website and how to gain more business through the aforementioned metrics, we can safely say that you’re more than capable of understanding what you’re looking at through Google Analytics with you web site design.

However, if you’re looking for a professionally designed web site and a team that has experience with the ins and outs of everything related to this topic then The Web Designer Group is the place for you. With digital experiences with advanced technology that we use to rank you higher in any search engine it’s easy to decide where you get your responsive website from. Not only is hiring a designer like our design team effective but we build search engine friendly websites which are engaging and have higher standards than any other design team out their today.