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Here’s How Progressive Web Apps May Change the Mobile Landscape

When it comes to mobile commerce, each and every second counts. In fact, even the smallest delay could cost your business some money! Now that Google is seriously considering site speed as a ranking factor, it’s about time that you look into the PWAs or Progressive Web Apps. This is especially necessary for those who are running an e-commerce site. If you’re an e-commerce company based in Bath, you may need the help of a professional web designer who’s capable of providing affordable web design services while incorporating progressive web apps.
Here’s how the PWAs may change the overall mobile landscape:

App Market Saturation

The Progressive Web Apps are a great means to rise above the saturated app market. There are almost two million apps on Apple Store today and almost 4 million in the Google Play Store. Amazon is the only retail app that has made it to the top downloaded apps. It’s not easy to cut through these numbers and get into your customers’ radar. There’s not even a guarantee that they’re going to download your store’s mobile application. While the PWA offers the benefit of working through all devices, which requires a low upfront cost.


With the use of a service worker as well as a cache API, the Progressive Web Apps could possibly function offline and this means that your customers will not need any mobile connection in order to get access to your website or e-commerce store. The caching function will store your app’s layout elements and load them into a browser. This is why web design companies offering affordable web design Bath incorporate the caching function into the websites that they develop. Caching could significantly increase the loading time of your site and decrease bounce rates. The faster your website visitors and potential customers can find their way to the journey of purchasing, the more likely they will be able to make a purchase and come back for more in the future.

Increased Conversions

There are many things that can be said when it comes to making your customer’s buying journey as easy as possible and those businesses that have decided to implement the PWAs have clearly reaped the benefits.

Push Notifications

One of PWAs biggest advantages is that they come with the push notifications feature, which alerts your customers of the latest updates, new products, and sales. The benefits of immediately sending a message to your customers about your products and services shouldn’t be underestimated. This could allow you to enjoy savings on your marketing spending, which definitely makes good sense for your business, not to mention the fact that it could boost your branding.
Progressive Web Apps could work well across various smartphones and browsers and will be more likely to be adopted by your customers. So if you’re thinking of hiring a company that can provide affordable web design Bath, consider the need to incorporate the PWAs as well.