Here’s an Overlooked Method You Can Use to Increase Conversions

Here’s an Overlooked Method You Can Use to Increase Conversions

If you’re going to search Google for conversion rate optimisation, you’ll surely get millions of different resources offering advice on how you can attract more customers with the same amount of traffic. Sure, investing in the best web design packages in UK may help but most of the advice will be almost the same. Turn your CTA buttons into green and ensure that your copy is focused on the benefits.

These are all good advice, but there’s one thing that many tend to overlook.

By looking at your traffic segments as well as the conversion rate of each segment, you’ll be able to focus your efforts on getting more visitors from high-converting sources.

Not All Traffic Is the Same

As soon as you gather enough followers on Twitter, you’ll get traffic from various sources. The bigger you become, the more sites will point to you and send traffic to your direction.

But here’s the thing – although this traffic is considered as “sessions” in Google Analytics, these visits are much more important than merely a number. These visits can be grouped into segments in order to determine which traffic sources convert the best.

Determining Which Traffic Segments Convert

So we got all these traffic segments. But how do we actually get to see them? What’s more, how can we monitor them as they progress?

The best tool that you can use when it comes to this is the KISSmetrics Funnel Report. This report will show you where your customers will drop off within the funnel. It allows you to segment traffic sources while also showing you which of them convert best.

Viewing Traffic Segments for E-Commerce

Getting people to make a purchase is one of the most challenging things that e-commerce companies have to deal with. However, if they could bring in the right people into their website, they will have better chances of increasing their conversions. There are several other tactics that could lead to more conversions in your site. These include A/B testing on product pages, email campaigns, and re-targeting. All these could provide a bump on conversions. It’s also worth looking at traffic sources to determine which sources will bring you the highest converting visitors.

Your Funnel is Only as Good as the Traffic That Goes Into It

This practice helps you easily find your target market. Just think about it – if you’re going to run an e-commerce store that sells sporting goods, can you benefit from the traffic coming from Most probably not! There’s nothing wrong with, but people visiting this website may not be interested in buying the best baseball bat.

This is why it’s necessary that you segment your funnel so you will see the type of traffic that you are dealing with. You’re free to do A/B tests as often as you want. However if you are still getting low traffic quality, you will only be seeing negligible improvements. The best web designers in UK can help you get a good looking website but not more traffic. If you want to procure the right traffic, then you could give yourself a much better shot at getting the right customers through a full scale digital marketing campaign.