Getting Your New Web Site Designed On Time with Perfection

Getting Your New Web Site Designed On Time with Perfection

When speaking about getting their web site designed by us, one of the most recurring questions with a hopeful tone we get is this:

“Will you be able to make the website LIVE on time?”

Now, truth be told, this question is asked by both new clients and old. There is one difference though. Old clients ask it in a tone which is comforting to our ears, as if to say that you have so many things going on and we are making you do this as well. This is appreciated since our clients know of our quality, promise and our hard work.

However, it is different when new clients ask the same question. They say it in a tone where they are looking for comfort, almost as if to say that they have been disappointed before and they are hoping we are different. This is unsettling but then again, says a lot about the web site design industry which is massive in terms of work. Most companies tend to “bite off more than they can chew” – the expression doesn’t mean that one cannot chew, simply it’s just a bit too much.

Companies take too much work without considering or maybe even not giving importance to the client’s deadline for project delivery.

This is simply unacceptable!

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Today, We Will Uncover Some of the Reasons for Delay in Getting Your Web Site Designed by Web Design Agencies

Before we begin, let it be known that we deliver all our projects on time – find it hard to believe?
Check out our reviews on Google My Business, Trust Pilot, etc.

Regardless, let us now shed light on the topic – some of the most common reasons of web site design project delay. Now, the sure way of avoiding delays in terms of design is considering a few options, choosing one and approving it and then be committed in making it work.

The Causes of Delay in Delivering a Good Web Site Design

A good web site design agencyAhem, ahem! like The Web Designer Group… will ask all the right questions before actually starting to work on your website. They will understand your business whether you work with a product or service or simply a blogging website.

Not only will they hear how you operate but also, what you plan on doing and provide suggestions as to what could optimise the use of your website.

Reasons for delay of getting web site designed

Web Site Design Preview

It is always best to show the client a preview of the new web site design before completing the entire website. Just imagine an architect first getting approval for a house to be built and then building it simply because it is more difficult to modify after it is built. Now, there is a misconception of clients in terms of websites, they think it is always tweak-able.

While it is true, this is one of the major reasons for delay in web site design & development. The clients almost always are asking for small tweaks which trigger a sequence of long development hours. Before you know it, the simple tweak of the background colour delays the content development, the image selection, the database setup, email settings, etc. – there you have it, the website delivery date has been delayed!

Web Site Design Experience

One of the biggest factors for a delay is the lack of experience of the web site design service provider. Whether it is a freelance designer, or a web site design agency – experience is irreplaceable.

You should always choose a web design agency with the right amount of experience. A team which is not just selling a design, but their whole experience. Check out similarly designed website not just in terms of looks, but also in terms of loading speed, performance, etc. See how it looks on responsive devices such as laptops, tablets, phones, etc.

Make sure that they are working on a reliable and reputed platform. Thanks to the dynamic platform – WordPress! There is a lot of technical support for developers which will help any agency to make sure your website is future proof. It is the world’s most reliable and trusted platform for website today.

Web Page Content Writing

Content preparation is a major part of getting your web site designed.

If you are relying on your web site design agency to prepare the content for your website, then you have taken the easy way out. However, website content preparation is much bigger than you may think it to be. No other person, not even the most experienced of web design agencies will know more about your website, your business, your products or unique service better than YOU!

So, essentially for best results – you should be preparing the content!

Now this doesn’t mean that you have to write all the content. Chances are you will not be aware of the keywords which will work for you and how to integrate them into your content. This is where expert content writers come in to the rescue. But even then, content writers must be guided by giving them enough information about your new web site design.

Write web page content today not tomorrow

Many agencies neglect content writing and leave it for later.

Be aware of this, and make sure that the content for your new website is done today rather than tomorrow.

Yes, you will rely on the SEO expertise but do make sure that your business is being properly reflected by the content being written. After all, only you will want to make sure that all your products or services are being accurately showcased for the right target audience.

Winter has a reputation for being lazy and the opposite of the bright summer days filled with activities. Don’t let your web site design plans freeze out in the drab, dreary, and frigid winter. You can even add our Snowfall Effect on your new web site designed by us to add life to your websites this festive holiday season.

Embrace the cold & enjoy the snowfall.

Web Site Project Management – Communication!

Communication is key!

You don’t have to become the project manager. However, you will have access to an account manager or sales representative who must be trusted to communicate with you as a client.

The team will manage the project with set milestones in dates and of course, these will be communicated to you with timely feedback, approvals, sign-offs, etc.

So, we ensure that once a client pays for our services, we have a clearly filled out logo design brief and website design brief, also if needed, a content brief. Once the logo design is ready, we get approval from the client for the logo before starting the web site design.

Once the logo is approved and while the content is being written, we start working on the web site design. We show the client a preview of the homepage within 3 days and only if and when that is approved, we complete all other web pages and associated big features like the gallery, booking form, etc.

The secret ingredient for making sure that your project is on track is regular communication. It doesn’t have to be daily; it can be weekly or monthly depending on your project size. One missed milestone will trigger a chain reaction which may mean delay, and if uninformed, this will cause even further delay to the overall project of getting the web site designed.

Are you thinking that it is time for a seasonal web site redesign?

Well, think about cool-toned colours, some low contrast combinations and all the inspiration you need from the northern hemisphere.

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Final Thoughts

As you will have understood by now, the causes for delay in getting a web site designed is not solely the responsibility of the web designer or the web design agency. With proper client involvement, the process can be made more efficient for all parties involved.

We have seen through our process of web site design & development that a lot of delays which are triggered like the domino effect can be easily avoided with set milestones and a clearly set process. We know this from experience that this works and its works beautifully.

As you can imagine, this takes care of all the initial hiccups and gives the client complete understanding of the time taken for developing the new web site design. Remember, there are a lot of opportunities available to make adjustments or even the option to add major new features after the website is live!

So, are you ready to get your web site designed on time?

Get in touch today!

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