Getting A Standard Web Site Designed In 2020!

Getting A Standard Web Site Designed In 2020!

There is no one way of getting a web site designed. There are many different types of websites in all different shapes, sizes, features and functionalities.

However, one of the most basic queries that we get from most of our potential clients is:

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But before we can answer this question, a few other questions must be addressed such as the following:

  • What is a standard web site design?
  • What is the standard for websites designed in 2020?
  • What is included when you get a standard web site designed?

Today, we will address this simple yet, often unknown territory of getting a standard or brochure web site designed for the new age.

Let’s get started!

Cost Of A Standard Web Site Designed By The Web Designer Group

Here at The Web Designer Group, we do not believe in the concept of having website packages that are priced and can be chosen by clients. Rather we believe in getting bespoke web site designed no matter what your budget.

However, there is a minimum threshold which we cannot go below. Currently, the minimum cost of getting a brochure web site designed starts at just £495. But we differentiate ourselves from clients by offering you a COMPLETE website solution.

So, instead of having something and missing out other several things, we make sure that no matter how much you spend on a website with us, you get a web site designed which serves its purpose.

Depending on your unique requirements, you can build up your website design to as much as your budget allows for your required additional features.


The Standard Of Web Site Designed In 2020

In order to get a standard product or service, the definition of “standard” is crucial!

So, let’s find out what the standard for website design is in 2020. Check out our portfolio!

In 2020, the online business arena is going to develop even more than it did in recently concluded decade. Consumers are as smart and technology oriented as ever before.

Just step back and think that your product or service will cater to a generation who has not seen the 90s. So, someone born in 2000 is 20 years old and a mature consumer in the marketplace.

The modern-day standard of an effective website design includes the following:

  • Google My Business listing & reviews
  • Great looking yet, fast loading design
  • Implementation of keyword research in webpage content
  • Variation of content such as images, videos, text
  • Social media integration

In catering to the current generation of consumers, you have to change your approach in all aspects even in getting your web site designed.

Standard Of Web Site Designed By Our Development Team

In getting a brochure web site designed, you will find that many companies offer a range of different prices. It is not as simple as looking for the best price, because what you get for that price must also be investigated.

With The Web Designer Group, the entire web site designed is a standalone solution. So, you will not have to go to any other provider for any associated service. We will make it completely hassle free for you.

For our price of £495 you get the following:

  • No hassle, professional, & ready-to-go brochure or standard web site designed on WordPress
  • 5-page website (Add an additional 5 pages for just £99)
  • 7 working days turnaround
  • Easy to Use Content Management System – we still handle all changes so you don’t even need to use the website admin panel, unless you want to
  • Free domain ( – you do not have to buy or renew domains, we do it for you
  • Google Optimised Website – this service is valued at £195 elsewhere. We make sure that the foundational level of SEO is implemented in your website with SEO coding, title and meta description tags, alt tags for all the images, etc. done for your website without any additional cost to you. This way, if you pursue SEO plans then you know that we can be relied upon.
  • Encrypted SSL Security – other places may charge you for this service
  • 1-year website storage online – no additional hosting charges
  • 3 email addresses for your website – we create and manage your business emails
  • Simple Contact Form
  • Works on any device
  • £99 Annual Support Fee – at the end of your 1st year, we will ask you to renew our support by paying the £99 annual fee which will cover website security, updates & maintenance. For any reason, if you choose to not renew, you still own the website and it remains fully functional.
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Simplest Way To Get Your Web Site Designed in 2020!

Final Thoughts On Getting Your Web Site Designed in 2020

As you can see the “standard” set by The Web Designer Group for getting a web site designed in 2020, is much higher than most of our competitors.

As a result, we make it our responsibility to become your business partner in taking care of all your website needs while you focus on your customers.

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