Finding The Best Web Design UK

Finding The Best Web Design UK

Everyone wants the best web design UK!

But how do you go about finding the best web design UK service provider?

Today, we will show you exactly how you can successfully find a web design UK agency which is the best in web design as well as in providing all associated support for your brand-new web design.

Now, one thing to understand is that before you go out trying to find the best web design agency in the United Kingdom, you need to have the bigger picture in mind. If you do not have a vision for your website, then you need envision the style or feel you want visitors to get. Now, you may say that you don’t have eye for design, etc. – this is perfectly logical and its fine. You can give the web designers a blank canvas, and without a doubt, they will deliver.

But the reason your own vision for the website is necessary is because the web design UK team or the web designer will need to understand your expectations and deliver upon them. As mentioned earlier, if you expect nothing then they will present you with something. But if you have expectations then you must convey it in some way. Maybe the type of colours, the type writing style, the structure, etc. Or simply, how it should FEEL for the visitors.

Let’s get started on the most effective way of finding the best web site design UK service provider.

Before you look into finding the best web design service provider, you must be able to tell what makes a website good in the modern day.

Check out this recently published article which covers the things that make a website GOOD in 2019!

The following is a simple step by step process of finding the right web design UK service provider, which we will cover in detail later in the blog:

    1. Research web design UK companies which have experience working with small to medium businesses for web design, development and digital marketing services.
    2. Check out web design UK companies online using trusted reviews and testimonials on Google My Business, Trustpilot, etc.
    3. Compare the features included in their standard web design UK package such as domain and hosting, business emails, logo design, mobile responsive web design, etc.
    4. Make sure you are working with web design UK company that is based in the United Kingdom as a registered business.
    5. Check for accredited partnerships and certifications such as ISO, Google Partner, etc.
    6. Make sure the quote provided by web design UK agency is all exclusive including VAT and there is no scope for any hidden fees or additional costs.
    7. Browse over the web design UK company’s terms of service before making a commitment.
    8. Pay your invoice.
    9. Be involved in the complete process of your new web design and development.
    10. Expect the best and settle for nothing less!

Now let’s briefly discuss each of the individual steps of this simple 10-step process.

1. Research Experienced Web Design UK Companies

The right amount of research is crucial in all aspects of life. In the online world, it is even more important since everything is intangible. In order to find the best web design UK companies, you need research web design companies all over the UK.

One crucial thing to look for when researching these UK web design companies or agencies is their experience. You need to look into how long they have been working in the web design industry and the amount of experience they have (if any) working with small to medium businesses such as yours or even, websites similar to your industry.

research web design UK companies

This is important because, while knowing how to design a website is something that any company, agency or an individual designer or developer may know to do, the lessons learnt through experience in dealing with such web design UK projects cannot be learned any other way. You do not want to be the guinea pig to anyone’s experimental or pilot project.

Check out this article which tells you about the 14 things to check when looking for the best web design company for small businesses.

2. Check Out Web Design UK Company Reviews

While researching web design UK companies, you will find many customer testimonials or feedback may be on the company’s social media pages or website. It is important that you look trusted review sites such as Google My Business, Trustpilot, etc. for the rating of these companies.

In many cases, it is actually better to look into some of the negative reviews to see if there is some sort of pattern in them. You may find a company where a few clients have complained about the time it has taken to complete their project. If you are not looking to launch in a tight space of time then, this negative aspect of the company will not be a concern to you.

web design UK company reviews

As a result, it is crucial to look into these independent review services providers which are trustworthy such as Google My Business, Trustpilot, Facebook comments, etc. While there is the odd chance of getting fake reviews, you will know real from fake while carrying out your research and speaking to these companies.

3. Compare Web Design UK Features

When comparing different companies for their experience, reviews, and prices, don’t forget to compare the features that are included in their standard web design UK package. While it may seem like they are the same things in every package, things like the domain are not included by all companies. Even if it is a cheap domain for as little £10 or £20, you should look into whether or not it is something included.

Also, thinks like hosting, many companies have a monthly fee for online storage or hosting services, maintaining business emails, designing a new logo for your business, etc. Also, you want to make sure they are building the new web design on a reliable platform such as WordPress and are developing a fully mobile responsive design which is usable across all types of mobile devices.

Fact: The Web Designer Group offers all of this for FREE in the standard £495 package.

4. Confirm Web Design UK Company Is Based in the United Kingdom

It is important to know who you are working with. So, it falls upon you as the client to find out whether or not the company you are paying to make a website, is making it in the UK. Many companies outsource work which allows them to cutdown on their expenses for increased profits. Also, there are companies which do not work by the book by not paying VAT, etc.

So, it is in your best interests to make sure that you are working with a web design UK company that is based in the United Kingdom as a registered business.

5. Check for Certifications & Partnerships

web design uk certified company

While it is not an absolute must, it is extremely helpful to work with a company which is accredited with certifications. For example, ISO is an internationally recognised certification which means that the company is audited by an independent body for its quality assurance and processes. Also, accredited partnerships such as being an official Google Partner can only mean good things for you.

The Web Designer Group is an Official Google UK Partner and ISO 9001 registered. We are also rated Excellent on Trustpilot and are verified on Google My Business with 5-star ratings.

6. Ensure Quote is an All-Inclusive Price

Now that you know who you are working, where they are working, how qualified they are, and you are getting all the most in-demand features – you must ensure that you are paying the right price.

Check out this article to find out how much a web design should cost you in 2019!

Make sure you get the most competitive quote by comparing prices on the market. Also, the quote provided by the web design UK agency should be an all exclusive one with VAT. Check and enquire to make sure you are aware of all associated or related costs, leaving no scope for any hidden fees or additional costs.

Fact: The only cost that TWDG charges is a £99 annual maintenance and support fee, but only AFTER the first 12 months of your new website going LIVE.

7. Web Design UK Policies

Before you actually make the payment, take quick browse over your chosen web design UK company’s policies such as terms of service, privacy policy, etc. This is just to be aware of any tricky statements that some companies put in their such as the website is owned by them and not the client. When you pay for a website, you should be the owner of the website and not the company designing it.

8. Making Payment

The standard in terms of payment for services in the web design UK industry is advance. So, when both parties reach an agreement, an invoice is raised and payment is completed before the work begins. However, it is likely that many companies except 50% upfront and the remaining to be paid after a certain stage of the web design project.

Be clear on the terms of payment, as it is in the best interest of all parties.

9. Client Involvement in Process

Whether you know how you want your new web design to look or not, it is crucial that you are as involved as possible in the complete process of your new web design and development. Ask your web design UK team to keep you involved in the design, or the structure or layout of the website – as per your requirements. This will ensure that time is not wasted in going after a design or structure which you are clear you do not want.

If you have seen a website that you like, or a specific feature of a web design that you want, mention it to the team with the link of that website. This will save you the energy of having to explain something and eliminate the chances of misunderstandings in communication.

Overall, it speeds up the process of web design and development when the client requirements are made clear to the development team.

Check out our portfolio to see the some of the latest web designs completed for our clients. If you like what you see, simply fill in the enquiry form next to it and we will call you with an unbeatable quote!

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10. Web Design UK Outcome

When you work with a reputed web design UK agency such as ours – The Web Designer Group – you should expect only the best and settle for nothing less!

Congleton Web Design

When you work with a web design UK agency or even a freelance web designer, if you follow the above mentioned simple 10 step process, you will be satisfied with the outcome. Of course, depending on the expertise and experience of your chosen web design UK team, the outcome will vary.

Are you ready to place an order for getting the best web design UK?

Final Thoughts

Well, that brings an end to this blog where we told you how to find the best web design UK service provider.

The Web Designer Group is a reputed and trusted name in the web design UK industry and we are capable of providing complete small business solutions including web design, development, digital marketing, and all associated support for your brand-new web design.

Before you start working with a design team of your choice, keep yourself informed of all the features that make a website good in the modern days.

If you have any questions or comments, let us know and we will get back to you.

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