Everything you need to know about our web site designing agency

Everything you need to know about our web site designing agency

Within this article you will read up on just about everything you need to know about our web site designing agency. From our web site designing services to the addons we can use to enhance your website, as well as the extra services that we provide that we will inform you about throughout this article.

Services provided by our web site designing agency

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Here at The Web Designer Group we have a number of services that you can reap the benefits of. These can be used to enhance your website, help your business grow, create a brand that is memorable. The list is pretty much endless, so, let us discuss what they are and how they can help you.

Premium Logo Design: Our logo designers are some of the best that you will ever come across from any other web site designing agency. We will send you our logo brief that goes through everything you will need in a logo from branding, colour coordination, tagline, your business name and any existing files for a logo that you might have. Since this is our protocol to send over this brief even if you have a logo or not then if you don’t want your logo editing then that isn’t a problem with us.

Web Site Designing: Our web designers are the pride of our business and can make you the exact website you have been looking for! As mentioned previously, our web site designing services first start in the form of our website brief, this is where we get everything, we need from you to start the website. It is a long brief and is extremely detailed but is worth doing as we get exactly what you are looking for in a website down from your head and onto an electronic document.

Here are the questions that you can expect from our website brief, colour coordination, branding, business name, hosting, content for pages, emails you might have, website goals, unique selling points, the kind of customers you want to attract, the list goes on. The reason for this being so detailed is that, we don’t want to make a mistake which might ruin what you are envisioning for your website. Wasting your time and therefore our time as well.

Our web site designing agency addons

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Within our web site designing agency we have many addons that can be used to enhance your website. Please see below a full list of our addons and a brief explanation of what they provide for those who would like them integrated within their website.

Content Writing: A lot of businesses don’t have the time to write the content they need for their website and that is absolutely fine, as we can do it for you. This addon is chargeable £85 per page, it also depends on how much content you would like per page as well.

Google my Business: If you would like a google my business account and page setting up then we can take away the stress of doing that for you by simply filling one out. You will need to provide us with all of the relevant information for signing up and about your business if you would like this to be as accurate as possible.

Photo Pack: Some business might not have access to images they want for their website right away and so purchasing our photo pack would be a great idea. We provide you with 20 royalty free stock images which you can use to your advantage and place anywhere within your website. We will also send you a memory stick with these images once the website has been made.

Legal Documents: This might not sound like it has anything to do with your website, however, this is relating to the terms and conditions on your website. In this day in age, having terms and conditions is a must otherwise there is a possibility that you might get into trouble with HMRC for not having any.

Photo Gallery: If you are a photographer then a photo gallery might be a good idea to implement, even if you own a business and want to show off what you do through images then having a photo gallery built is a great idea! If you think about it most websites these days have a photo gallery.

Email Setup Service: If you having trouble setting up your emails on your laptop, computer, android, iPhone or iPad then we can help you for a small fee. A lot of people find it easy to have emails setup on a phone that they carry around with them as they can have access to work related stuff near enough instantly.

Directory Listing: After your website has been created by The Web Designer Group. You might want to think about advertising yourself on some of the best directories around. We can do that for you and then provide you with the logins so you can change whatever you like. At the end of the day, there is no point in having a website if people cannot see it or reach it.

Website Speed Optimisation: Purchasing this addon comes with the benefit that you will have a super-fast website that loads pages instantly. For many people, have a fast website means that they can easily navigate and become enriched with the information you have on the website at a better rate.

Yell Listing: The biggest directory on the internet is Yell. Join the millions of people with business accounts and get yourself to the top with this simple purchase. You know that you are going to be found as Yell has millions of people that visit its website every single day.

Promotional Flyers: We can create you some of the most incredible flyers which you can use to hand out to potential customers and just about any one that you wish. Word of mouth is still a great way to generate business, especially if you are travelling a lot then you can make use of this to potentially generate custom.

Online Payment Facility: If you are looking to sell a small number of products on your website, or in fact you just want to take payments through your website then this is the addon for you. Taking payment from customers on your website can also help to ease the amount of phone calls you might be receiving, which in turn can help to regulate cash flow in a much simpler way.

Professional Business Cards: Having your very own professional business cards can be a great way to promote interest in your business and what you do. Just like the flyers, this is a great way to get business via word of mouth.

Custom Contact Form: Every web site design gets a basic contact form for your customers to get in touch with you. However, with a custom contact form you can customise what you want to ask your potential clients and more. Depending on your specifications you can have quite the intelligent custom contact form.

Professional Key Rings: Yet another great way to generate business through word of mouth is through some incredible business key rings. Personally tailored to how you want them and professionally designed, we are sure you will adore them and so will your potential clients.

Website Spam Filtering: A great way to stop receiving those pesky spam messages and comments on your website is through our website spam filtering addon. Nobody enjoys spam, so purchase this addon to save yourself from the pain of spam.

Roller Banners: Another great way to advertise is to place a roller banner within a billboard space and passers will be able to see what you are offering. A roller banner is also a great way to get your brand advertised online, if you are making videos then having a roller banner in the background is a great way to get your brand across online.

Customer Testimonials: If you have a large number of customers reviewing your products or services, then having a dedicated area for your client reviews would be an exceptional idea. If you own a business that thrives on customer reviews it is a no brainer to have this addon to enhance your website.

Badge Removal: Every web design company puts a link to their website on every website they make for marketing reasons. For a small fee, we will remove our link to our website and your footer will be free of our marketing tactics so to speak.

Google Analytics: Want the best way to track users coming to your website, which pages users stay on the longest and how long they stay on your website? Then this addon is directly for you as it will allow you to do all of that and more!

Website Translation: This addon is a great idea if you are trading in a number of different countries or live in an area like London where there is a huge amount of people that speak many different languages. You are assured to attract business with this addon from people across the globe.

Newsletter Integration: Looking to email your clients with a fancy newsletter every month or so? Then this addon will be a perfect addition to your website as you will be able to email all of your clients with one push of a button.

Booking system: Having a business like a restaurant or taxi service is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our booking system addon. We understand that you might not want to be on the phone constantly, so a booking system on your website will inform clients where to go and what to do.