Essentials Things Your Website Designer Agency Should Do: Part 2!

Essentials Things Your Website Designer Agency Should Do: Part 2!

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Welcome back and let’s continue with our honest review of the website design industry in the United Kingdom and how we will overcome the uncertainties within it.

As you may recall from the first part of the blog, we have looked at five of the Top 10 essential web design aspects that you may consider to be your sole responsibility. But it is in fact something your website designer or design agency should set up or at least help you with.

If you haven’t read the 1st blog yet, read it now!

Let’s quickly recap the first five of the Top 10 points we covered in the last blog:

  1. Identifying the Purpose of Your Website
  2. Choosing a Domain for Your New Professionally Built Business Website
  3. Choosing How to Host Your New Website
  4. Mobile Responsiveness of Your Website
  5. The Importance of Your Website Content

The Web Designer Group does not cut corners and try to squeeze out as much money as possible from you to setup your website.

Let’s continue by finishing our Top 10 with the remaining five:

6. The Layout, Features & Functionality of Your New Website

It is not right to leave the entire responsibility of the layout of your new website to your website designer. You should be just as involved to clarify your understanding of your business and your potential customers. This will ensure that all visitors to your new website are able to be drawn to the exact places you need them to be in.

You must ensure that the overall layout of the website is clean, appealing as well as, easy to navigate to your products or services. A professionally designed website doesn’t just mean it is pretty, it must be able to give users a completely satisfied digital experience. From the little things like the colours used to the font style & size for easy readability are all aspects that must be carefully considered.

The Web Designer Group has the complete solution from your logo design to matching it with your website colour scheme for a complete aesthetic. Additionally, we carefully consider all the added features you need such as an online contact form, embedding videos and images, social media integration, payment platform, etc. Our excellent sales staff will ensure that you save on unnecessary features while ensuring you have everything you need within your budget.

7. Business Email Setup for Your Professional Website

Are you surprised? Yes, many clients will be when they find out that business emails are something your website designer or web design agency should setup for you. Configuring your emails to your website’s contact us form is where most web development agencies limit their assistance with.

All clients of The Web Designer Group get free, professional business emails with their new website. So, when you get, you also get emails such as,, etc. Also, you get up to 5 business emails as well as any necessary support with a dedicated support portal with videos and a direct dial telephone line. You will be able to easily watch a video and setup your new business email on your desktop, laptop, mobile without any complications.

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8. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in 2019!

SEO is no longer alien to the internet. Whether you know what it stands for or not, you know that it is something that you need in the modern-day. A simple reason for getting SEO for your website is this – there is little point in having a beautiful looking website which cannot be found by potential customers. It is important to be visible to your potential customers in the immensely competitive world wide web where every link is your competition.

We provide clients with a Google SEO boost with their website order. The SEO work put into every new website designed by TWDG cannot be valued below a few hundred pounds. Yes, these are SEO activities which SEO agencies charge hundreds of pounds for, which are done for free! We also make it clear for clients that they can choose to get content, business listings, customer reviews, a responsive website, etc. which are all things which will help their website’s SEO.

We will use analytics to find out traffic to your website, how and when it is coming from. Our Search Engine optimisation experts will use highly innovative, intelligent AI tools to formulate SEO plans to improve your website’s overall performance and grow your business.

9. Your Website’s Maintenance & Updates

Every website designer works on a particular content management system or CMS platform to maintain your website. But the role is not limited as there are daily updates for many different aspects such as platforms, plugins, security etc. These require routine updates to ensure maximum security. So, from your SSL security the HTTPS before your website to the text & images used on your website, everything must be secured and updated.

The Web Designer Group prides itself in the service & support we provide. All our clients receive SSL security and all necessary maintenance and updates at free of any additional cost to them. You will not have to keep track of every plugin and update released for your website, we take care of it all!

10. Be Your Professional Web Designer Partner

Website Designer Team together in Workplace for a photograph

The last thing to finish off this incredible list, is the fact that your website designer or web design company should be treated as a partner. As partners, you the client and the website designer will be able to achieve much more than you had imagined. Being partners, you will both be able to share your ideas to help the project evolve into something which you both will be proud of.

The Web Designer Group is a web design company that treats its clients as business partners, rather than a client. In doing such, we are able to share our ideas however risky or safe to maximise the results driven using their unique website. This ensures there is no shortcuts, or cutting corners involved in the completion of the project.


Did you enjoy the Top 10 list?

I absolutely loved sharing all the essentials of website design in the UK in 2019 and how you can get the most out of your website designer.

How much of it do you agree with? Do you agree with all? Do you possibly have other things that you consider to be web design 2019 essentials that we have missed out on?

Let us know in the comments below the blog.

The Web Designer Group, as an agency, specialise in achieving modern solutions for reaching your business goals using a quality process. Web design professionals here comprise of a design team that creates engaging solutions using technology standards which are enhanced and adapt to create excellent digital experiences.

Our passionate staff are capable of delivering a website that works at an affordable price to satisfy our client base. Our showcase of work displays the variety of campaigns, style and result achieved. The ultimate aim is to produce an interface which can manage, secure and grow your return on investment for your business website.

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