Essentials Things Your Website Designer Agency Should Do for You!

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Let’s start off with an honest truth – website design industry in the United Kingdom is a world of uncertainty!

There are hundreds and thousands of website designers and web development agencies who are competing for your money. But, very few are deserving of your hard-earned money for website. This is because many web design company only think of cutting corners and charge you as much as possible for a website.

As a result, this seemingly creative experience with a design team into one which is not up to the standards. Web design professionals must maintain a process which offers both engaging and modern solutions. The technology available today makes it possible to get quality website that works for an affordable price.

Here is a list of the Top 10 essential things that you may consider to be your sole responsibility.

But these are actually the responsibility of your website designer or web design agency to set up for you:

1. Identifying the Purpose of Your Website

You should always start by asking yourself the exact purpose you want your website to serve. This way, you will have a target to fulfil with a new website. What is surprising is that, you as a client may not be fully aware of making this clear, but most agencies fail to recognise it.

The Web Designer Group has a very clear website design brief set out for its clients which identifies not only the purpose of the website but also other crucial questions such as the following:

  • About Your Business – this is where you can provide all the important information about your business that you as an owner or a decision maker want to highlight
  • Website Goals – here you can set & define goals you want to achieve with a new website
  • Unique Selling Points – these are factors which set you apart from your competitors
  • Customers – clearly identify your target visitors or potential customers
  • Competitors – other business websites or businesses which are your direct competition

This is just a glimpse of the information that we collect from our clients, even before starting any work on the design of the website itself. A clear understanding of the purpose of the website goes a long way to develop a website which is worth your time, budget and business.

2. Choosing a Domain for Your New Professionally Built Business Website

The domain name or the URL which is the “www.” address is the unique name for your business website. You may have a business name already but the domain with the same name may or may not be available for purchase. Most website designers ask you to buy a domain for your website while they build it.

The Web Designer Group goes out of its way to offer clients the most assistance in terms of choosing an appropriate domain name. the following are some of the many things you get when it comes to choosing a domain name as a TWDG client:

  • Free Domain – you are provided with a free domain with every website
  • Free Domain Transfer – if you already own a domain, then you will not have any extra associated costs for the new website or a redesign

As a client of The Web Designer Group, you will not have to worry about any other technical aspects of your domain other than providing the name of your current provider and your username & password. If you don’t have a domain, then we help you to choose one.

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3. Choosing How to Host Your New Website

Branching out immediately from the domain issue, is the hosting server issue. You may not have given hosting too much thought but it is something to consider. If you are dealing with customers, payments, and other sensitive information, then you have the extra responsibility of ensuring safe and secure hosting for your website.

Clients can choose to host their website with TWDG and this is what you will get:

  • Free hosting on our dedicated servers based in the United Kingdom
  • 24/7 security and server support
  • No additional costs such as maintenance fees, hosting fees or other hidden fees

Web hosting with The Web Designer Group has many advantages such as the above mentioned 24/7 support for any issues which arise and other security. Also, you never have to worry about additional payments or any maintenance.

4. Making a Mobile Responsive Website

In today’s day and age, whether you are technical or not, you know the importance of a mobile responsive website. Especially in a time when social media is rapidly rising and you need a website which is available everywhere. You may not be familiar with the term but it simply means that a design which is fully responsive visually & functionally on various size devices.

Modern devices include not just the desktop computers but also the following:

  • Laptops, notebooks, netbooks, Chromebooks, etc.
  • Tablets, iPads, etc.
  • Smartphones in the various sizes from 4 inches to all the plus sizes

The importance of a mobile friendly website is not just the convenience but also the importance given to it by the Google search engine for its search results. When potential customers are looking for a service or product you offer on the search engine, google prioritises websites which are optimised for mobile.

responsive image of a website on multiple devices

So, your new website must be able to adapt to a website that works on various devices to offer your client base complete digital experiences.

5. The Importance of Your Website Content

Most web designers or web developers will not give much thought to what type of content you will make available on your website. It is important to understand that design and content go hand-in-hand in terms of the overall presentation of the website. So, it is important to understand its crucial role in web design.

The Web Designer Group has a team of professional content writers in house who are dedicated in providing SEO oriented content for clients. For those clients who are interested, they book a consultation with a content writer and then approve the content before it is made available on the website.

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In addition to this, we aim for numerous business goals and so, as Adobe partners, we have access to royalty free images to be used on the website as well as, videos. Adobe specialise in unique website graphics and we, as a website design agency, use the most successful tools, campaigns, and software for developing your website.

All your website content needs are covered by The Web Designer Group:

  • Text – professionally written content by in-house content writers after a direct consultation with you
  • Images & Video – professional images, visuals and videos purchased and copyrighted to your website from the reputable source, Adobe

As a result, you have absolutely no worries when it comes to designing a new website or redesigning an old one. All necessary information is available as a one-stop variety solutions provider for UK website owners by TWDG for satisfied digital experiences.

Almost Finished!

Let’s take a break here after the Top 5 that we covered in this blog today!

Due to the importance of the things we discussing today, I have thought of separating the top 10 into two parts. This is where we end this part 1 and we will continue with part 2 later.

The five essential things we covered today in this blog which The Web Designer Group provides complete support for you are the following:

  1. Identifying the Purpose of Your Website
  2. Choosing a Domain for Your New Professionally Built Business Website
  3. Choosing How to Host Your New Website
  4. Mobile Responsiveness of Your Website
  5. The Importance of Your Website Content

Make sure you check back for the second and final blog of this series to find out the remaining five essential support which you should be getting from your website designer.

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Be back soon with Part 2!