Create Beautiful, Graphical & Inspirational Website Designs UK

Create Beautiful, Graphical & Inspirational Website Designs UK

What is the most interesting change you noticed in the website design industry?

One thing that is becoming more and more clear is the reliance of businesses on online sales. Now, you may be thinking an e-commerce website or otherwise, but the fact is every business, small or large, is inclined to sell online.

Creating beautiful, visually attractive & inspiration website designs uk for your business or e-commerce website serves the purpose of a great looking store.

But how do you get potential customers or your target customers to visit your store?

Over the past decade, the importance of Search Engine Optimisation or SEO has become more apparent for e-commerce website or any website owner, in general. As a result, more and more businesses are now inclined to invest in SEO and related services – but where do you start?

What is Basic Search Engine Optimisation or SEO?

Basic SEO is something which can vary based on your own personal requirements. This is largely due to the fact that there are over 200 (if not more!) SEO factors which come in to play with a website. Picking and prioritising among these factors is something which is best done through an SEO audit.

SEO professionals will conduct an SEO audit on your website to understand its actual ranking and devise a strategy based on its strengths & weaknesses. Basic SEO tasks which any SEO specialist will prioritise as the first things are including but not limited to the following:

  • Google Analytics account setup & integration – if you are considering SEO, you need an analytics account to track your website’s performance & devise plans accordingly
  • Content – you must have sufficient text, graphic and/or video content on your website related to your business such as text on the web pages, images, blogs, etc.
  • Google Indexing – submitting your website to Google’s list of indexing is a must, or else you may never be analysed by Google from the millions of websites available on the internet

What Do SEO Companies Actually Do?

Although there have rapid developments in the online marketing industry based solely around website designs & development, the SEO aspect is largely an unknown. Many website owners are unaware of what needs to be done and simply make the monthly payment.

However, this practice is abused by many SEO service providers who may not utilise the budget to its optimal level. Approved & Google partnered SEO services providers do not cut corners and perform what is best for the clients and their website designs.

SEO. Search Engine optimisation. Digital online marketing technology concept. 

Here are a few things which you can ask from your SEO service provider to find out exactly what they are using your SEO budget on:

  • Request a monthly audit of your website
  • Request a monthly report of SEO tasks & activities
  • Request to see regular keyword ranking progress
  • Request a report of blog posts made per month & their target keywords

We will leave the list to minimum with just those points, as any one of those points could have several subpoints and this blog will never end (lol)!

Just over a decade ago, website designs were clumsy to say the least. They have HTML instructions on a square layout with little or no design inspiration. But today, developments in not just cameras, photography, languages such as CSS, easy to use platforms such as WordPress, etc. have broken through all barriers!

The result of which is beautiful website designs which not just inspire, but amaze visitors by the creative showcasing of products & services online. Another unnoticed yet effective development is the effective power of SEO.

Search engines like Google have SEO guidelines which not only make websites trustworthy but also, make the website designs more user friendly!

How Do You Get Your Website to Rank Higher in Google?

Follow These Easy Steps to Increase Your Sales Using Beautiful, SEO Inspired Website Designs UK!

As a professional, whether a small or large business or an independent freelancer such as photographer, etc. – your website is your digital business card!

The availability of your products or services online using effective website designs is exactly what you need in the digital age. Not only to showcase your work but also, to reach out to potential customers on a regular basis.

1. Simplistic Website Designs

The importance of a simplistic design is insanely underrated!

Although the main purpose of website designs UK is to attract visitors, it must be able to do that without going too much over the top. Over the top design works for specific industries such as fashion, personal branding or well-established businesses, but for growing business – nope!

Simple web site designs make it easy for visitors to contact you. You web site design should be able to guide visitors in a journey that you want them to experience. So, they should be able to navigate the website easily for a satisfied user experience.

2. Choose Website Designs to Complement Your Business

Great website designs are not those which go above and beyond, rather they do everything just right. If you are a photographer, then your website design should give that particular vibe. If you are a small business which sells a product or service, then your website design should provide information regarding those products and services.

A fun and colourful website design may not be suitable for a corporate business. Similarly, a corporate website design is not suitable for a fun, small business. Also, don’t list out all your services the same, highlight your most popular ones, or most sold products, or your best work as a photographer rather than all your work.

4. SEO, SEO, SEO – Do Not Forget It!

Search Engine Optimisation is a major aspect of your online business. Be careful not to overlook this crucial aspect while beautifying your website. Remember, no matter how great looking website designs may be, they still need to bring in the sales.

Measure your current search engine results page ranking and set yourself a target to reach within a few months. Pursue a solid SEO plan for long term but don’t forget the little things that needs to be done instantly. For example, SEO titles and meta descriptions for every page of your website, alt text for every image, keyword implementation in your content, integration of social media accounts, etc.

Another effective thing which has a direct relation to SEO is fresh content submitted in the form of a blog section. Update with regular blog posts to interact with your visitors and post & share the using your social media channels.

To learn more about SEO, read this blog to find out all about SEO in 2019 by a reputed web design company. Whether you are looking for a design team, logo design experts, SEO company solutions or just a quick professionally designed website – The Web Designer Group is the complete solutions provider.

5. Be Easy to Contact

Make sure that the Contact Us form is available for your visitors to easily find and contains helpful contact information. The section must contain your business name, address, contact number, etc. The address is preferred to be displayed in a map which is easily accessible by smartphone users for their GPS.

It is also a nice, creative touch to have a contact us tab hovering in certain crucial areas of the website. This makes sure that you are getting enquiries when you need it. As a business, you must highlight what you specialise in, your business process, and business goals so that your potential customers trust you as the right solutions provider.

6. Social Media Integration

The website is not your only source of driving business!

If you are passionate about a creating a website that works, which is engaging, modern and has a good web presence – social media is one of the most creative solutions. A majority of internet users are presently available on social media channels such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. Use the incredible power of social media to boost your website traffic by integrating them using professional web designers.

Add social media buttons on your website, social media feeds on your website and add your website to your social media biography as well, before you launch your final design. This will ensure the smooth flow of traffic between your social media followers and website visitors. The interaction between the two is also a crucial aspect of SEO!

Final Thoughts

We have discussed just the surface of the many layers of website designs in the United Kingdom in the digital age. So, before you spend loads of money on website development, you must consider the fact that it is an investment, rather than an expense!

Interior of a contemporary business website designs UK workplace with no staff

A great way to start would be to put to practice some of what we discussed here while planning your business goals. Instead of spending thousands of pounds for custom website designs, be sure to get in touch with a reputed website design agency such as The Web Designer Group. Website designs UK are regularly updated with new trends and design elements, you must be careful to get them professionally designed.

Another reason is that the idea of good website designs is an ever changing thing so there are many factors involved. It’s good to keep up with all the general trends in web design UK.

If your website is looking outdated, it is not appropriate for smartphones, tablets, etc. or it is not a responsive website or not functional in any way, you must be looking for the next opportunity for an upgrade! The best way to get inspiration for beautiful website designs is to look at our web design agency’s portfolio to find one which is perfect for your business!

Be sure to share your thoughts about creative solutions for web page design, you experience with an SEO company and other feedback. Follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel.