Content Ideas for your New Website Design

Content Ideas for your New Website Design

Content Ideas for your New Website Design

When planning your content strategy, a good place to start is to ask which keywords will bring traffic to the website. This is an important part of the SEO process (Search Engine Optimisation). Having content which attracts visitors is a clever investment of your time. Yes, it takes time to craft quality content, but once you do, you’ll receive visitors for years to come. Without any cost. The same can’t be said of paid advertising. Not only that, but your visitors are likely to be further down the sales tunnel because they actively searched for the products or services you provide, as opposed to clicking on a text or display advert on impulse.

How to approach blog writing

Of course you could pay a content agency to produce articles and you can simply guide them on preferred article topics. A professional would create content that is engaging and optimised for search with keywords in the best places, while keeping the article natural and reader-focused. At The Web Designer Group, we offer marketing services that include content creation for our website design clients.

However, if you’re just starting out and need to keep costs low initially, then don’t despair – writing your own content could be a positive step. Nobody knows your industry, products or services as well as you do. It will give you the opportunity to develop your true ‘brand voice’. Brand voice is the tone and messaging that makes your company unique. It’s the difference between connecting with customers on an emotional level, rather than on a transactional level. How you speak to your customers comes across in every sentence. Are you a friendly ‘mom and pop’ business or a slick corporate entity? Which values influence the business or are reflected in your story for setting it up? Do you want to change the world, your neighbourhood, or how things are done in your sector? In which case your mission will naturally come through as a result of your passion for what you do.

Content with value

The easiest way to start your content strategy is to decide what your customers most want to know. What will amuse them or make their lives easier? The next step is to look at the holiday calendar. Are there milestones throughout the year that should be referenced in your content? If your customers belong to a professional organisation, are there events and training sessions that you can tap into?

Promoting your content

Once you have a draft you are happy with, leave it overnight and check it for spelling and grammar with fresh eyes the next day. You’ll be amazed at what you missed! Now you are ready to share.

  • Post a link to your new blog article on social media channels. Don’t forget to include a relevant image. Your URL may be too long to include in social media posts, so consider using a URL shortener tool, such as bitly.
  • Send a link out by email. Either in a newsletter template or as a link in the body of a standard email.
  • If your article is an expert piece, consider adding a permanent link to it below your email signature.

There are other ways to share your content once you dig deeper into social and digital marketing. Take advantage of our social media package – available to all our web design clients. Let us help grow your business with content that attracts traffic and converts to sales. Call the UK Best Web Design Agency on 0800 905 5999 for free website design quote.