Content Ideas for Your Blog

Content Ideas for Your Blog

Content Ideas for Your Blog

You have a new website design and face the daunting task of creating quality content for your blog. Good content shows up in Google search and attracts visitors to your site. It also helps in building your brand personality. However, coming up with regular ideas for your blog can be hard and not everyone is confident in writing for the web.

We’ve put together a list of ideas for content that your website visitors may find worthwhile and should be easy to put together because you are an expert in your field.

1. Anticipate questions and answer them

Consider which questions are asked frequently in your sector and answer them in blog posts. If you aren’t sure which questions your customers have, you can get ideas from Google by typing a question in to your browser bar and taking a screenshot of all the questions that appear below.

2. Create a recommended reading list

You know the type of books your customers may be interested in because they visited your site. An online pet supply store could review the latest books on dog training. An accountancy firm could review the latest guides for business growth and investment. Whatever your niche, research books on behalf of your customers and create a curated list that they will find interesting.

3. Create a ‘Best of Twitter This Week’ list

Follow industry influencers on Twitter and screenshot their most interesting posts. Add your comments and you’ve got an amazing blog that is both timely and social. Put it out on twitter and tag the influencers you have mentioned. An added bonus is that the influencers are likely to follow your company in return.

4. Interview someone authoritative in your industry

Meeting a respected person within your industry in person isn’t necessary — simply make a connection on LinkedIn or Twitter and send them a list of questions. Out of courtesy, show them the article before you publish it. You are likely to gain an influencer as a follower and an interview is perfect click-bait in social media posts.

5. Guest posts

Invite respected people within your industry to write an article for your site. They get access to your audience and a link back to their site in the bio. You get an original article by an industry expert. Win-win.

6. Create a case study

Choose one of your clients and write about their business journey. Focus on what your company did for them and on challenges they faced which other readers may identify with. Ask them to supply photos and share the article for their approval before publishing. Easy! Repeat with more clients the following week.

7. Publish a resource list

All companies rely on third parties or supply chains to operate. Why not create the most comprehensive list of resources ever compiled for your industry and keep it up to date? Think about including suppliers, press contacts, useful apps and associations. Your investment will pay off as these resource lists usually attract a high volume of visitors for years to come.

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