Choosing A UK Web Designer That Understands Digital Marketing!

Choosing A UK Web Designer That Understands Digital Marketing!

A big welcome to all our UK web designers and the rest of our readers to the last blog of the “One Stop Solution Blog Series” for web sites designed by The Web Designer Group in 2020!

Let’s do a quick recap for those of you are reading this as their 1st blog of the series. In one of our blogs earlier this year, we covered the meaning of getting a standard web site designed in 2020 where we discussed the definition of standard in 2020 and of course the costs involved.

Due to the massive response we got from readers and from their frequently asked questions, we thought of creating a blog series dedicated to cover all aspects of getting a website designed which is truly up to the standards of 2020!

In the first blog, we answered this question:

Why can’t I get a company that handles everything associated with getting my new web site designed?

The blog simply runs down the top 7 things that you should be getting as a one-stop service from an trusted UK web designer or web design agency. The following blogs would address each of these 7 essential web design aspects in further detail.

In the second blog, we answered this crucial question:

What 2 Primary Factors Determine Someone To Be An Expert & Reliable Web Designer in UK?

This blog covers which UK web designer you should pick to rely on with your website and how to determine who is an expert and reliable UK web designer.

The third blog covers an important question which many website owners think about considering the safety of their website data:

Why & How To Look For UK Web Designers Who Can Be Trusted To Host Your Website & Its Advantages?

In this blog, we uncover the advantages of choosing a reliable UK web designer who can also provide hosting services for your website.

The blog before this one (the 4th) answered this question:

Why Should You Choose Web Designers In UK That Are Also Reliable To Handle Your Website Domain?

The last blog covered the massive help it can be to choose a reliable and supportive UK web designer who can fully handle your website domain.

Now then, let’s look to wrap thing up with our last blog of the series. So, we have covered the following:

  • UK web designer or agency that handles all 7 aspects of your web design – CHECK!
  • UK web designer or agency that handles your website changes & maintenance – CHECK!
  • UK web designer or agency that can be trusted to provide hosting services – CHECK!
  • UK web designer or agency that can help handling your domain – CHECK!
  • UK Web Designer or agency that handles your DIGITAL MARKETING or SEO – let’s do this now…

An Expert UK Web Designer Or Agency In 2020 Must Focus On SEO Web Design Best Practices

Let’s talk about the importance of Digital Marketing or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in 2020. If you do not know what SEO is then the simplest way to understand it is – Google!

The one thing that we all do now is search for a product, service or even a person or topic in Google for finding relevant results. The optimisation of your website to appear for the relevant search terms is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

An UK web designer in 2020 who doesn’t know or pay attention to digital marketing strategies, more specifically SEO best practices when designing your site is not the right person for designing your brand new website. If you do not have a SEO web design for your current website, you will be looking tirelessly until you find a reliable UK web designer who does so.

You will be ready to fork out large sums of money for the optimisation of your website’s appearance on Google search results. You want to appear as high as possible for your target clients. Of course, you will also be looking into all other associated digital marketing channels such as social media integration, management, regular posts, etc.

The Web Designer Group is a digital marketing agency at heart, it uses the powers of SEO to bring clients to its website. We design and develop every client’s site as a Google Optimised Website!

The Google SEO Boost is a service which is valued at £195 or more from any other reliable UK web designer or agency elsewhere. But we offer this for free to all our website design client.

We make sure that the foundational level of SEO is implemented in your website with SEO coding, title and meta description tags, alt tags for all the images, etc. done for your website without any additional cost to you.

UK web designer with SEO skills

This way, when you pursue a digital marketing or SEO strategy, you will be one step ahead and you will know that you have The Web Designer Group to rely upon as your truly reliable UK web designer.

Get Your Web Site Designed By SEO Focused Expert UK Web Designers!

SEO | Digital Marketing | PPC

Final Thoughts On Finding a SEO Focused UK Web Designer

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed and equally benefitted from all of the blogs including this one of the entire “One Stop Solution Blog Series” for web sites designed by The Web Designer Group in 2020!

This was our effort to not just tell all our readers – UK web designers, website owners, digital marketers, and all our general readers – about how excellent we are as a UK web designer and digital marketing agency, but to inform you of the higher levels of standards the UK web designer industry needs to be at in 2020 & beyond.

If you want to see some of our recent projects by expert UK web designers, check out our Web Design Portfolio!

Let us know your thoughts, comments and feedback and get in touch to speak with a UK web designer who cares about your business and in building a website to develop your business.

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