Can Your Business Afford Not To Have Its Own Cardiff Web Design?

Can Your Business Afford Not To Have Its Own Cardiff Web Design?

In 2019 it’s more important than ever for you to have a website in order to make your business grow. You can prove your trustworthiness to potential customers, save yourself on admin, attract new clients, ditch useless directory sites and grow your business online.

These benefits far outweigh the price you pay for a Cardiff web design, especially if you’re already forking out money on other forms of advertising.

The first benefit we’re going to cover is the trustworthiness of your business as it is the most important reason to have your own website.

Let’s get into it!


The first thing to note is that being online in the first place increases how trustworthy you appear to potential clients.

Did you know that 70% of people looking to work with a company expect to find them online? If you have zero online presence, you’re failing to secure a huge potential audience that might’ve otherwise worked with you.

Imagine you’re looking for a service in your area. Before you even consider working with a company, you Google them to make sure they’re legit and provide a quality service. The last thing you want to see is listings for a company on a bunch of directory websites but with no website of their own.

It gives the impression that a company isn’t passionate about their business as they haven’t gone to the effort of creating their own site with a web design agency.

Okay, so now imagine that you have a professionally designed website and people can find you online. That’s great! However, it’s only the first step.


When a customer makes it onto your website, they’re looking to see if they should pursue their business with you. One of the first things they’ll look for are reviews.

If you integrate a reviews system into your Cardiff web design, it will show anyone who visits your site that you’re a modern company with a track record of giving people what they want. It’s the equivalent of summoning ex-customers in the middle of your shop floor and having them explain to the browsing public how great your service is.

There are a bunch of different review systems you can use such as Trustpilot, Feefo, and Google My Business.

All of these systems give your customers the opportunity to express their positive experience with your business.

Once you have the review system it’s a good idea to contact all your past clients to ask if they could leave you a review on the site. This will give those companies who’ve been operating for a long time a great head start.


Testimonials are similar to reviews except they’re carefully selected by the business owner.

You can select some of your best, most prestigious and powerful customers, and ask them to write a testimonial for you. It also gives you the added bonus of putting a picture of the client next to the testimonial and to include the profession of each one.

You should choose people who work in your industry instead of run-of-the-mill customers as it will show your online audience you have authority in your industry.

Here’s a good example:

Three testimonial reviews side by side from a website we built called Mass Concrete
Mass Concrete's testimonials

As you can see on the website we built for Mass Concrete, they have three testimonials on their home page from the design director of a ltd company, the construction director of another company, and an associate for an interior designer.

These testimonials are perfect for an industry that sells flooring to enterprise companies as they have a design director, construction director and interior designer from three relevant industries.

This will definitely help your company secure business it might have otherwise missed out on.


Having a portfolio of previous work is another important way to prove the quality of your service to potential clients.

To give you an understanding of the point I’m trying to make, I’ll explain it in regards to a specific industry – let’s go with landscaping.

As a landscape gardener you want to have images of previous work. Before and after pictures are perfect for this industry as they show how awful the garden or drive looked before the landscaping process and give a clear indication of its improved quality now that you’ve worked on it.

Here’s an example from another website we built:

Portfolio example from Ace Paving website built by The Web Designer Group
Ace Paving's portfolio

Ace Paving have a gallery on their site which clearly shows how the site looked before they worked on it, and how their paving has improved it immeasurably.

Portfolios are the perfect partner to review systems and testimonials as pictures can tell a thousand words. Having ex-customers tell your online audience how great their experience with your company was only gets you so far, therefore, proving you can do the work through images is the ultimate cost effective deal closer.

Save on Admin

Having a website is like hiring an admin team for your company.

Considering you can get a fully-fledged website from us for a one-off payment of £495, it saves you a ton of money on hiring admin staff for your company. All our websites are responsive and professionally designed and we save you money without compromising on quality.

The easiest way to do this is through two simple forms:

Custom Contact Form

When you visit a business’ website you often see a contact form that customers can fill out. These are usually downloaded as web applications in your chosen Content Management System (we use WordPress which has the highest market share of any CMS on the market).

A lot of the time the form is quite simple, asking for the customer’s name, email address, and phone number. This type of contact form can be useful for your business as you are able to collect and manage the contact details of someone who is interested in your service without lifting a finger.

However, these fields are quite limited as you have no idea what service the customer is interested in or how much they’re looking to spend, etc.

This is where custom contact forms come in. With a custom contact form, you can choose exactly which fields you want your audience to fill in and whether they’re required fields or not.

Here’s an example from our website:

An example of a custom contact form from the homepage of The Web Designer Group website
Custom contact form from The Web Designer Group

As you can see, we ask for the basic information you would get from a simple contact form but we include extra fields for budget, the services you require, and an optional message so the customer can explain in more detail what their aim is with regards to your business.

Once a visitor has filled out the form and clicked “send” the information is sent to you via email and you can contact the potential customer at your leisure.

You can imagine how much time this would save you on admin, especially answering calls that can easily be dropped if you’re busy with face-to-face customers. You can then proceed however you like, maybe even help you set up a consultation with a customer.

This is one of the easiest solutions to save you time on admin. Our design agency provides custom contact forms for just £45 on top of our basic web hosting package.

Booking System

Integrating a booking system into your current website is the easiest way to take appointments.

Instead of a customer calling up, you answering the phone and looking through your diary for available times, the booking system does it all for you. This is a huge benefit to your business as it will both save you time on admin and improve the amount of bookings you receive.

This system provides you with a calendar that the customer can select a date from. The calendar can be set to only show available dates and will automatically switch a date off if it’s fully booked. You can also have different appointment slots built into each date to make it even more specific.

Here’s an example from one of the websites we’ve built:


As you can see from the calendar above, it’s very easy to click on the date you want to book for.


Once you’ve clicked on the date, you get a drop down of the times you can book. This is one of the best tools for your website as it will work for you whilst you carry on with your job.

Attract New Customers

This section of the article is less about practical tools and more about how your website’s presence can help you attract new customers.

When we call people on the phone to inquire if they need a website, we hear the same objections:

    • We have our base of clients and we don’t need more business
    • I’m already on directory sites, and I have a Facebook page, so I don’t need one
    • I get all my business through word of mouth and leafleting

I think the best way to counter these objections is to tackle them one at a time.

1. We already have enough clients

Having your own client base is great, it’s definitely one way to keep your business from going into the red. But if you want to expand your business beyond its current limits, you need to reach new customers and the best way to do that is through the internet.

Customers are getting younger and younger. If you provide any kind of home improvement service, whether it be carpentry, plumbing, interior design etc. then you need to be tackling younger people as they are the new home owners.

Young people use the internet for everything. If they don’t know what something is, they Google it first. If they want to find a restaurant to eat at, they Google it first. If they want to buy a product or service of any kind, they go to Google first.

The pattern is obvious and shying away from advancements in technology, especially when it affects the marketplace this much, will leave you with a stagnating business.

The way to boost your visibility to people searching through Google is to perform Search Engine Optimisation on your website. This is basically the process of your current website showing higher up in Google search results for terms related to your business.

SEO friendly websites are worth a thousand times more than a basic website that isn’t coded for search engines.

Hiring a professional SEO company is highly beneficial to your visibility and directly affects your sales. Thankfully, our company provides this service so just click the button below if you’re interested in having your website appear higher in Google.

2. We are on Facebook and directory sites already

Having an online presence at all is obviously better than not having one. Social media and directory sites such as do give you a presence, but it’s very minimal.

For example, if you’re on a directory site as a plumber in Manchester, you’ll be one entry amongst hundreds and there is as much of a chance of customers using another plumber on the site as using your company.

Listing of various plumbing businesses in Manchester from
Listings for Plumbers on

The same rule applies to social media channels, you’re listed amongst other companies like yourself and you could easily lose business to them.

Don’t get me wrong, these sites can be great accompaniments to your business as, and most social media channels, let you put a URL into your listing so people can visit your website if they want to.

The difference is, having your own responsive website gives you way more control over what you show to your customers. It’s difficult to be creative with a listing that’s restricted to a simply-formatted page where you can write a small amount of text and have one image to represent your business.

Listing of Manchester Plumbers on

Even the elements we mentioned so far are impossible on the sites. Both sites have reviews but there is no option for testimonials, booking systems or custom contact forms. Having a website is more engaging and allows you to control the perception of your business.

3. I get all my business through word of mouth

Word of mouth is great, but it’s quickly becoming a dying marketing strategy.

It’s now much more useful to build a website and integrate some SEO as it is the best way to get your business seen by the general public.

Basically, you code your website in a way that makes it show up more prominently in Google searches. The basics of this take the form of keyword research and implementation.

You want to find the exact words people are searching in Google when they are trying to find a company in your industry. This might be “hairdressers in Manchester” for instance. Once you’ve found your keyword you then need to implement it into the content of your website.

Doing this will tell Google that you are the website to go to if someone searches those terms as they have Artificial Intelligence that can read through your website to ascertain its relevancy.

The best way to find a keyword in your industry is to use Ubersuggest. Simply type in phrases you think people might search on Google and it will give you a list of the most popular keywords and even the volume of searches that keyword gets per month.

Screenshot showing the search volume of hairdressers in Manchester from
Hairdressers in Manchester from

As you can see, “hairdressers in Manchester” has approximately 4,400 searches a month, and according to the last column, which gives you the level of competition from other companies in your industry, it’s not to difficult to rank for. This means that the companies in your industry are not doing much SEO which makes it easier for you to appear at the top of Google.

To avoid going into too much detail in this post, I’ll just say that appearing at the top of Google for a high-volume search term is THE best way to market your business online. Word of mouth only stretches so far.

As I mentioned earlier, we are a top-rated SEO company who can do this work for you. Click below to find out more!


And with that, it’s time to conclude this article on Cardiff web design. I know the post wasn’t too specific to Cardiff but we operate in that area and want to reach as many people who live there as we can.

As you can see from the arguments laid out in this piece, having a website is crucially important to any business in 2019. Customers will trust you more, making it easier to land a sale. You’ll save yourself loads of time and money on administrative duties. And finally, it’s the best way to attract new, young customers to your business.

If you’re thinking of buying a website after reading this piece, I’m not going to miss out on the chance to attract your business so just click the button below to get started!

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it. See you in the next one!