Best WordPress Rich Snippet & Structured Data Plugins – UPDATED 2019

Best WordPress Rich Snippet & Structured Data Plugins – UPDATED 2019

When you go on a Google search, do you notice anything about some of the results? Perhaps you were looking up a recipe for your holiday dinner and noticed that the top results were completely unlike any of the others. For first things, they had pictures. They also had approximate cooking time, difficulty level and review ratings indicated right below. They were completely set apart from the rest.

This is the work of some pretty simple technology that you can make use of yourself. Rich snippets, as these little add-ons are so called, help search engines identify the content on your page. This is also known as schema markup. The more info you have, the more search engines identify your page as a legitimate source and rank it higher on the search page results.

Ensuring your page is as high on the search results as possible is imperative to how much traffic you will receive. Did you know that nearly 70 percent of people do not click past the top three results and over 90 percent don’t even scroll past the first page? With stats like this, it’s easy to tell just how competitive it is to get on the first page of results, let alone the top three slots.

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So how exactly do you use schema markup? Well, unless you have a good hand at coding, this could be pretty difficult, but not if you have a plugin to do all the rough work for you.

WordPress rich snippets plugin can help you add all kinds of cool little snippets on Google for your page. These snippets could range from reviews and ratings, embedded photos and videos, product info, contact details and addresses, or if you’re hosting an event you’d like people to know about, there’s also an event time and place snippet! Or if you’d rather just let people know your working hours so they can contact you directly for further enquiries, that’s available too.

Now that you’re acquainted with all the ways you can spruce up your results by use of WordPress rich snippet plugins, let’s go on to our top 5 plugin recommendations that you can try out yourself.

1) WP Review Proreview word in metal type

This plugin specialises in adding reviews to your results. Though there is a free, basic version of this plugin, the ‘Pro’ version offers one of the strongest schema markup programmes on the market right now.

Not only is this plugin faster and lighter than the free version, it has the option of customisable snippets! Whether you’d prefer a point rating system, or a star rating system or others, they’re all here. They even have an option of adding pros and cons to a review! If all this isn’t enough for you, WP Review Pro also allows you to add CSS animations to your ratings and even has the ability to display ratings when the user hovers their pointer over the post thumbnail.

The great thing about this plugin is that it allows you to optimise your web page without compromising any of the stuff you already have on your page. The premium version also allows support for translation, is WPMU compatible, and has unlimited colours.

The pro version is available for $39.

2) Schema ProConceptual business illustration with the words schema

Schema Pro has been tried and tested to be one of the most reliable rich snippet plugin solutions today. It receives constant updates to ensure its users are always ready with the newest rich snippets.

Most plugins simply add new content in the form of a separate box, like for reviews, etc. Schema Pro adds schema markup to your existing content meaning all your content will show up in one place as opposed to several different boxes.

Though this would have been complicated to achieve through coding, Schema Pro allows you to achieve this comfortably with an easy to navigate interface with step by step instructions. When the user has installed the plugin, they are greeted by a setup wizard to help configure the website of choice for global schema. After this, they are led through a series of pages each for setting up schema types for specific content, choosing which content to target, then mapping various markup options.

Schema Pro is available for $59 for a one year license while the lifetime license is available for $199. Both options are available to be used for an unlimited number of sites.

3) All In One Schema Rich Snippets

If the prices of the first two plugins seemed intimidating, don’t worry. There are tons of free plugins you can use that will achieve basically the same thing. Though, yes, the paid versions will give you more options and flexibility than the free versions, this plugin definitely seems to give nearly as many options for absolutely no cost at all. And on top of that, it is an open source software for users to build upon.

All In One Schema currently supports 8 different schema types, namely: reviews, events, people, products, recipes, software applications, videos and articles and is planning on expanding to allow 3 more types (breadcrumbs, local businesses, and books).

4) Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

Though this isn’t a free option as the plugin above, it is certainly a lot more affordable than most premium rich snippets plugins. With a price of $20, this plugin operates similarly to the All In One Schema Plugin with the exception of allowing its user to create their own schema markup shortcode with a shortcode generator. This is especially handy for those who feel the standard schema options just don’t fit their needs.

And lastly,

5) WP Product Review Proproduct concept with business elements on blackboard

Just like the WP Review Pro, but this one is geared toward product reviews specifically. This plugin also has a free version, but the premium version, priced at $75 for a single site license, has a wealth of great features geared specifically toward advertising products.

These features include custom icons, pros and cons list, comparison tables and preloading functionality. The $299 package for this plugin, however, allows its users a multiple site license as well as an Amazon import feature.