What are the best plugins for your web site design Cardiff in 2020?

What are the best plugins for your web site design Cardiff in 2020?

When you are designing a website through WordPress, plugins are extremely important and many people always wonder once they have their website as to what are the best plugins for your web site design Cardiff in 2020? Well, in this extensive article we are going to cover the greatest plugins that you can get for your web site design and why exactly The Web Designer Group recommend them to compliment your one-of-a-kind website.

Yoast SEO

Search Engine Optimisation

Any Cardiff web site design agency will tell you that if your website is made through WordPress you need to download the Yoast SEO plugin tool. Because, as the name suggests this helps fill out the much-needed SEO parts of your website that can help you climb up in the google rankings. It is incredibly important that you take the time to fill out meta descriptions, alt tags and meta titles because they can help cement your rankings in place and the best tool to do this would be the Yoast SEO plugin which is also free!

Akismet Anti-Spam

The best free plugin out there that keeps the spammers at bay is the Akismet Anti-Spam tool. Every comment that is written on your website is carefully reviewed and filtered providing a status history for each one so that you can determine which comments were found spammy by Askimet or the moderator.

You also have the ability to view the number of approved comments for each user, look at the URLs in the comment body, and remove any less-than-useful links you may find.

The best part of this is that Askimet is free to download and use for all personal sites and the premium version cost pennies on the dollar, allowing you to keep your site beautiful and spam-free regardless of your budget.

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The best plugin used by WordPress webmasters to build incredible e-commerce web site designs in Cardiff is the WooCommerce plugin.

With an extensive amount of extensions, features and endless customisation choosing this plugin to build your Cardiff web site design is really a no brainer.

You will also realise that there is truly a wonderful abundance of themes to choose from with an unlimited amount of customisation. As well as, giving you the ability to sell digital, physical and even affiliate products of your choosing, with countless variations on size, colour and more.

Penarth web site design

Google XML Sitemaps

A great tool to use as a WordPress plugin for your Cardiff web design is the google XML sitemaps tool. As it helps search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing read your website quicker, which in turn indexes your Cardiff web site design and places your website in their rankings at a much faster rate.

The best thing about this incredible plugin is that as soon as it is activated it will automatically create an XML sitemap of your website, making it easier for search engines to view, crawl and eventually index your Cardiff web design.