Best Photography Website Designs UK in 2019

Best Photography Website Designs UK in 2019

Why are photography website designs so popular?

First things first, regardless of your profession or business relation with photography, photography website designs are actually appropriate for any business.

Essentially websites which are used by photographers to showcase their work or portfolio are photography websites. But due to the attractive, “photocentric” layout of photography website designs, they can inspire beautiful website designs UK for other businesses.

Not only do these website designs highlight a more graphical website, it has the glamorous effects which enhance the look of any business. The influential design leaves more to the graphical inspiration of visitors rather than textual information requiring visitors to read through a website.

There are various different styles and approaches that are used by professionals for website designs UK services. When you browse through them you will find inspiration and ideas which can help in designing your own website.

If you’re looking to get started with your own photography website design, we recommend the best web design agency – The Web Designer Group, of course!

In this blog, we will look at answering some of the most important questions or concerns that you have regarding website designs UK services:

  • What do you need to create website designs in UK?
  • Why should you use website designs UK services?
  • How much does a website design cost in 2019?

Browsing the web, you will find website designs which are attractive, beautiful on both computers and mobile, yet no visitors. It is common to get carried away with website designs so much that other crucial aspects are neglected.

So, as a bonus: we will also cover 13 most crucial aspects which must never be neglected!

What do you need to create website designs in UK?

The most used and the most popular platform for creating websites in 2019 is WordPress!

WordPress allows website owners to create absolutely stunning and responsive website designs which can be built to accommodate personal sites, small business to large corporate businesses.

Website designs UK customers are much more creative, elegant and stylistic in requirements. When teamed up by website designs UK professional service providers, the results are guaranteed!

Website designs in the United Kingdom are doing a fantastic job, but are continuing to recognise the importance of getting better.

So, the following is what you need to create effective website designs in UK:

  • A reliable, knowledgeable & professional web designer
  • An easy to use & universal platform such as WordPress
  • A clear requirement of what you are looking to offer your web visitors
  • A well thought out online marketing plan for your website; SEO

Given you have the above mentioned 3 things, you are ready to create website designs which are guaranteed to bring in your desired results.

Why should you use website designs UK services?

UK website designs service providers are finding new and exciting ways to create the best design work online. More and more services are following the 2019 design trends and creating designs which are appealing to the masses.

The first step towards creating a website is the single most important marketing activity you could pursue in the 21st century. Making your own website is a way of showing off yourself, your talents, your products or services, etc. to stand out from the millions of website designs online and visible to your target customers.

Yes, drag & drop website design tools are easy to use but website builders are cheap, simple to use, and unsurprisingly, similar looking to the next website. So, where do you start?

Choosing the right website designs UK service provider is essential for maximising your online visibility with appropriate SEO tactics in design and coding, as well as the quality of the design.

A professional web development service provider in UK will not only create stunning website designs but also, help by making your website being found online using Google SEO boost as a result, potentially generate more visitors & sales for you.

How much does a website design cost in 2019?

Low CostIt is a common misconception that website designs UK costs in 2019 are extremely high. For those who are in a hurry, just take a look at the prices on offer by getting quick quote NOW!

Most website designs are available starting from as little as £295.00. Given that’s just a basic website, depending on your exact requirements this can go up to accommodate all your specific needs from the website.

A standard website without any much-needed extra features could be done for well under £500. A standard professional website can be provided for under £1000. A standard e-commerce website can be provided with all the buy-sell services, products, etc. within £2000.

Given this breakdown, it is assumed by rounded figures and actual prices will vary and probably be much lower.

So, website design cost in 2019 is not as high as you may have imagined it to be!

BONUS: The 13 Most Crucial Aspects for Exceptional Website Designs UK!

1. A Good Domain

The domain name is a very important aspect which should never be neglected. A simple, sensible web address will serve you for a long time to come. Your website address will become your brand!

In terms of Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, URLs also have a massive impact on your Google search ranking. So, the structure of URLs, even after a domain name such must be given a sufficient amount of thought with relevant keywords, etc.

2. Effective Design

Regardless of whether your website design is fancy or simple, it is must be an effectively designed website. The effectiveness of design is much neglected by most website designers. A good-looking website design must be justified with effectiveness in purpose and functionality.

So, clean, striking, elegant or professional website designs UK must also be easy to navigate, optimised for both mobile and web browsers.

3. Informative Titles & Sub Titles or Headers & Sub Headers

The menu bar, the items, the menu sub items, content titles or headers and the sub titles or sub headers must be presented in a simple and understandable manner. This not only shows an organised website structure, but also improves readability for visitors.

With this issue in mind, you will be able to convert more of your visitors into customers by directing them in your website.

4. Logical Flow of Actions

This is in continuation to the 3rd point factor we just discussed. The visitors of your website must be able to make a logical connection to the flow of action within your website design. So, a visitor must be tactfully directed from the homepage to the services page and then to finally your call to action, whether it is to call, request a quote, register, or simply submit a contact us form.

Your menu should be clearly visible on every page, and the call to action must be visible at all times or most effective points of the customer’s journey on your website.

5. Importance of the About Us Page

The importance of the About Us page is truly underrated. Just think of the last website you visited for a product, service or even a person or an organisation. You more than likely have visited the about us page to learn more about them.

About Us is the page where you establish yourself, your company or organisation – so do it in the best way possible!

6. Thoughtful Content Selection (Images!)

It is a no-brainer that we carefully cherry pick all the content that goes on our website!

But often, this is left without a priority as we choose default or stock images, backgrounds, texts, videos, etc. You should be much more selective in the process of choosing content such as images, background images, videos, etc. as they will represent you.

Most times, a simple website design looks extraordinary just with the right background image!

7. Regular & Updated Blogs

Everyone who is a little bit aware of website designs UK in 2019 will know the importance of blogs. Blogs are most beneficial for not only SEO to impress Google with their love for fresh content but also, to engage regularly with your target customers. You can use the blogs to target relevant keywords so that you climb higher in search results as well as driving more visitors.

It is also the single best way to engage with users by writing regularly and sharing on social media!

8. Strategically Placed Calls-to-Action (CTAs)

The importance of calls-to-action or CTAs such as see more, contact us, get a quote, call now, etc. are very well known. But the importance of placing them strategically on specific views for your website design is still not done. They must be visible at most crucial times, if not at all times.

The strategic use of CTAs is the most direct way of getting more clients to use your services.

9. Contact Information

The contact information for yourself, your business, your service, etc. should be made extremely easily available for your visitors. As soon as they visit your website, visitors must be able to identify where to go to find your name, number or location. Whatever you want your customers to know, make it easy to find for them.

The Contact Us page may seem standard, but how you use it will give you big returns!

10. Highlight Products or Services

There is nothing wrong with offering an array of products, services or information for your visitors on your website. But you must also highlight the special product, the specialist service or the most important information for them. This ensures that your visitors will see the thing you really want them to remember after visiting your website.

The key or unique selling point of your website should be highlighted for your visitors!

11. Customer Reviews

Website designs in 2019 have realised the importance of customer reviews such as likes, comments, shares, testimonials, etc. So, whether you are an entrepreneur, a small or large business, or an individual with followers, use the power of customer reviews to attract more customers.

Every website design should have a nicely incorporated customer testimonial section!

12. Social Media Integration

Your website designs should display your social media channels for your visitors. Regardless of how little or how many social channels you are available in such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube – display it!

Effective use of social media channels integrated in the website will increase your visitors and help in growing your social community of followers.

13. Finally… Analytics!

The final most important factor is the setup and integration of Google Analytics!

Without the proper use of Analytics, you will not be able to follow the successes, failures, and potentials of your website. so, in order to fine tune your SEO, your sales process, etc. the analytics is absolutely crucial.

You will learn from your data and take actions accordingly!

Final Thoughts

If you want to showcase yourself, your products or services, or your business or organisation, effective website designs UK service providers are your best bet!

The best website designs UK are those which are not only beautifully designed but are also effective in purpose and functionality. In short, a good-looking website which will not only attract your visitors, but also convert them to customers.

Additionally, make your website more appealing by regularly writing and updating blogs with more helpful and engaging information. Adopt a SEO plan as a key tool in driving your business and sales.

Remember: Design is an art! So, while reflecting your business style and personality, you must also incorporate the practicality of your business.

Hopefully, this article about the best use of photography website designs UK in 2019 will help in creating a beautiful and effective website design for yourself from a good web design agency.