Web Design in Glasgow Packages Tailored For You

Web Design in Glasgow Packages Tailored For You

A website is the quintessential marketing tool for any company or sole trader in an increasingly digitalised world. You can showcase your skills, portfolio and services, become an information hub for all prospective clients and customers, brand your organisation, change perceptions and trigger purchasing decisions, even offering online commercial transactions.

According to Nectafy 88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours. People use their mobile devices to find a local business online when they’re ready to buy and an attractive and functional website makes the decision even easier for them.

One of the biggest business decisions made by companies nowadays is the selection of a web design package for a sensible Return On Investment (ROI).

Web Refresh & Web Design in Glasgow Packages

Multiple display devices with modern flat design web site presentation. Wooden desk and brick wall interior.You may have a website already and are happy with it. However, you must ask yourself those questions and give honest answers:

  • Is it communicating your brand values effectively?
  • Is it mobile-friendly i.e. is there a fully functional mobile version of your site to suit mobile users?
  • Does it rank high on Google search results pages? Google is completely dominant in online search, especially when it comes to smartphones, and a high Google ranking guarantees leads.
  • Do you have a lot of visitors and can you track their visits?
  • Do you have an increasing amount of enquiries from the site converting into leads and sales?

If the answer to any of the above questions is no, then you need to seriously consider a face lift or revamp. Here at The Web Designer Group we can offer a revamp Package.

We will redesign up to five pages and can also add five pages to the website for £99 extra. This Glasgow Web Design package incorporates all the features available in other packages and we guarantee seven working days turnaround. Your website will climb up Google page rankings, will be secure, will work on any device and will have a simple contact form.

Our Content Management System allows you to input any new content and change your colour scheme although you may wish to keep the old one.

To generate the maximum effect and get the most ROI from your website, using it as the marketing tool par excellence, we would recommend creating a fresh website. We offer seven different packages to suit your requirements and business objectives.

In order to decide which one is the most suitable for your company to make a checklist of your basic prerequisites.  It is important to know whether you want an extra fast turnaround or you are  prepared to wait a little bit longer. Another question is whether you have a lot of information to convey and consequently if you need many pages or if you would be happy with three basic pages. The size of your budget is also going to influence your choice.

Do you have a substantial budget or a tight one?  Do you want to save on pennies and get a good bargain for example?

People in the office watching a responsive web design on their devicesIf you are dead keen on getting an ultra-fast turnaround then we would recommend the Starter Glasgow Web Design package.

We guarantee three working days turnaround for a three page website. If you are happy to wait a little bit longer then we offer seven working days turnaround as standard for all the other packages. We can add five pages to any website you choose for £99.

However you might want to stick to the number of pages provided in your selected package.  This ranges from five pages (Essential Web Design package) to ten pages (All In One Web Design, Tradesman Web Design and Everything Done For You Web Design packages).

We cater for all budgets. Prices range from the basic Starter Web Design Package currently at £495 to the all-singing-all-dancing Everything Done For You Web Design Package currently at £2495. A mid-range package is also on offer at £1595: the All In One Web Design.

For more details about our prices, Call Us Now!

All our packages include a number of essential features for the best website performance. We supply a free .co.uk domain, optimise your site to rank high on Google, use SSL technology for data transmission security, enable you to input your own content using our CMS and store your files online for a year among other things. We look after all the website security, updates and maintenance for an additional fee.

Please view our Packages and FAQ pages for more details.

If you do have specific requirements about content or functionalities, then it is important that you focus on them when making a decision to buy.  If you want some industry-specific images licensed to you as part of the package then you can opt for the All In One Web Design Package or the Everything Done For You Web Design Package. They both include a pack of 20 photos. If you are still a budding start-up and need a logo design, the All In One Web Design and the Everything Done For You Web Design packages include logo design.

If you are from the Hospitality and Leisure sector and are looking to take bookings and appointments online then The Web Designer Group caters for your needs and offers a booking system with the Hospitality & Leisure Web Design Package. If you are a restaurant you can even display menus and price lists.

A tradesman’s selling tool is his portfolio of work. If you are an electrician, plumber or other tradesman, you might need a gallery to showcase your past jobs. A specific page for each service on offer is also highly recommended. In this case do choose the Tradesman Web Design Package, specifically designed to promote tradesman products and services.

A lot of people browse local companies online before making a purchase decision. Google map location helps the prospective customer find your whereabouts easily and is the first step in the sales cycle. If you are keen on Google map location integration please note that it is inclusive with the Hospitality & Leisure Web Design and the Tradesman Web Design packages.

Do you want to find out how many people are visiting your website and which pages are popular?

twdg logo

This information will allow you to maximise the calls to action on those pages and acquire more leads. Google Analytics integration is inclusive with most of the packages i.e. The Essential Web Design, All In One Web Design, Hospitality & Leisure Web Design, Tradesman Web Design and Everything Done For You Web Design packages.

In most 21st Century businesses, time and resource management are becoming trickier. As a company decision-maker you might wish to hire our fully comprehensive web design service to save you all the hassle and juggling acts. We can do it all for you with the Everything Done For You Web Design Package and save you time while providing you a professional level of service. This includes a customised contact form, professionally written copy, a privacy and cookie policy page, especially important with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

If you are in retail and want to expand your customer base to online shoppers or simply you want to start afresh and sell any type of products. You will be delighted with this online shop with full e-commerce functionality and features and a secure online payment system built in. Google Analytics is included to monitor your visitor figures.

We’ll be happy to answer any other queries you might have about what is the best package for your business, what is the best ROI and every day tips about using the CMS or Google Analytics.

We offer numerous add-ons to any package you purchase. See them all HERE. Please feel free to view our Packages, FAQs and Website Add-Ons pages to find out more. Act today!  Give us a call, fill in the contact form, email us or contact us on social media.


Simply order the right Web Design in Glasgow package online. Please check our prices and take that important step which will change your sales and marketing figures in the months to come!