7 Benefits – Web Site Designed by Pros

7 Benefits – Web Site Designed by Pros

Why does a web site designed by a certain individual work, but another similar looking web design doesn’t work as effectively?

Web site designed according to the latest Google SEO standards and a solid digital marketing strategy is likely outperform others. Regardless, of the visual design experience of the website.

We enjoy living in the modern times and we want to do business in this age of the internet to get more results and overall more return on our investment. As you can imagine, individuals today spend a lot of their time online, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

That’s why companies and consumers like you should be using digital technology to target specific customer groups using a custom website.

Every businessman or marketer understands that marketing is the backbone of any company, but to achieve the outcomes, it is essential to know how marketing should be accomplished. There have been days in the past when advertising was confined to a few posters and commercials.

But today, there are a lot of digital marketing techniques available that can be used to work miracles for your company.

However, if you want your publicity to be professional and unique, it would be a good idea to engage in conversation with a respectable marketing company for achieving such business goals. This is what we aim to achieve today with this article.

Continue Reading for The Latest Digital Marketing Trends of 2019!

The latest trends in the digital world is not just fun, they are the source of some serious business returns for those with keen eyes. By aligning your marketing strategy to the latest trends, you will experience some of the most magical returns for your business.

1.      Facebook Marketing

Without a doubt, Facebook has been one of the biggest successes in the social media platforms available to us today. If you are yet to debut on the largest and the most popular platform with an extremely diverse range of users – you are only hurting your true business return potential.

Not only is the platform an incredible selection of the largest percentage of internet users globally, you even have the added option of taking advantage of the Facebook Ads platform. You can vary your target demographics and engage with the exact type of users which you generate your business from.

Facebook logo reflection on a glasses.

Facebook videos are one of the most viewed on the internet today. Why not create unique marketing videos and ads for the millions of users scrolling through its video feed. Even if you do not convert customers directly, you are potentially creating a pipeline for the future. If it wasn’t before, 2019 has truly been a great one for Facebook and digital marketers on it.

2.      Instagram Marketing

A wing of Facebook, but rapidly growing with its own unique, independent genre of users. With over 1 billion users currently, Instagram appeals to mostly the younger generations – most of whom are under the age of 30.

For marketers in every industry, this is an important demographic. If they are not your target customers then they are upcoming ones, so it is a great platform to condition and prepare consumers for your specific product or service.

Man holding smartphone using mobile application for instagram on the screen.

For many small to growing online businesses, just a simple Instagram page is generating tremendous revenue which many other established businesses are still struggling to match. This is because Instagram is appeal to design elements and graphic design or layout which is not just creative but also, engaging. Get started with the process today!

3.      Video Marketing

We have covered two of the most popular, most used and trending platforms and not let’s look at the single most trending type of content online today – videos!

We are currently in an advanced technological space in all parts of the world. From the richest countries to the poorest in the world are all connected via not just internet, but a reliable connection. Videos are streamed online every second of the day from all parts of the world. Rather than read about something, consumers are keen on watching videos to improve their digital experiences – not just short clips, even longer ones.

Regardless of which social media platform, videos are truly the talk of the day, every day!

Female Video and Sound Editor Works With Her Male Colleague on a Project on Her Personal Computer with Two Displays. They Work in a Creative Loft Office.

You can invest in a professionally designed video by a production company to create engaging business ads or promotional videos for your target customers, keeping in mind the design trends and other creative aspects. Not just your products and services, but your company, culture and people to emotionally connect with users. In 2019, videos are making the best impression on the consumer mind than ever before.

4.      Content Marketing

Content marketing has evolved in 2019 to something wonderfully huge. Good quality content as always has been working well for any and every industry. As you already know very well, Google is a search engine that absolutely loves good content which is unique and helps consumers.

Of course, there are certain guidelines that Google ensures your content must follow. If you have a business web site designed by a SEO abiding web design agency, then you are likely to be rated better by search engines like Google and ranked higher on their search engine results page.

Content word on wooden cubes background, digital marketing concept

Content is no longer limited to websites or even just text, Google has introduced and enhanced its SEO guidelines to include images, videos, etc. as well.

As a result, content marketing is truly one of the most trending and most influential marketing tools of 2019.

5.      Mobile Marketing

What device are you using to read this blog today?

Chances are you are not using a desktop computer or even a laptop, rather a tablet, or a smartphone. The growth of smartphones is increasing every day worldwide.

As a result, it is important that your marketing places emphasis on mobile users. So, gone are the days when as a marketing specialist you would create ads for newspapers, TVs or computers. Now, you must be ready for mobile marketing!

6.      YouTube Marketing

As we have already spoken about the influential prowess of video marketing, the rise of the video streaming platform YouTube is not surprising!

YouTube has been iconic as digital marketing tool for 2019. While attracting millions of viewers to its rich collection of videos, the exposure of ads to these millions of users for each video is phenomenal. But it is important that a lot of stress is placed on the quality and presentation of your business videos or brand identity videos on YouTube.

7.      Artificial Intelligence

AI has been the talking point over the past few years, but in 2019 it has really taken off!

More and more businesses are starting to recognise the importance of using AI tools for the content generation, planning, presentation and publishing. AI tools are being used to collect more specific data and translated to usable information for consumers who are constantly absorbing in a vast amount of information on a daily basis.

Connection Between People And Artificial Intelligence Technology

It is no longer the trend to be flashy and the showstopper. Regardless of how you showcase your website, it is important that even with a simpler style interface you are able to offer an easy customer journey for your featured solutions. A good website contains the best quality content, high quality sources, and overall valuable information.

Every business has a website with AI Chatbots, professional social media accounts with AI chatbots for helping clients get the information they need and handling initial queries. AI is helping businesses create tools or enhance their existing online presence by being more customer friendly.

We have discussed some of the most effecting digital marketing trends in 2019 which will help your business marketing plans, now let’s look at how your business web site design will be able to attract more clients and convert them to paying customers.

Web site designed by The Web Designer Group are proven to be built on the latest SEO standards by Google. As a digital marketing agency, we ensure that all our clients have the fundamental best practices of digital marketing in 2019 in their business websites and in their marketing strategies.

The digital marketing trends that we have discussed today are incorporated by most if not all of our clients to get results using tried & tested methods. As an experienced agency with years of experience and a dedicated team of experts who are always up to date with the latest news and technologies, we give our very best to help grow our clients’ businesses.

Creative Web Designer planning application and developing template layout, framework for mobile phone. User experience (UX) concept.

When you get your business web site designed by experts such as The Web Designer Group, you get a complete business solution not just a standard website. We provide our clients with the following:

    • .co.uk business domain
    • Professional emails setup and management
    • Business logo design
    • Social media platform integration
    • Website storage and hosting
    • Complete support for the update, changes and maintenance of your website
    • Online payment platform
    • Complete invoice and inventory management if you are selling products
    • Website translation services
    • Legal documentation such as privacy policy, cookie policy, etc.
    • Business cards, flyers, banners, etc. printed promotional materials

Final Thoughts

The modern digital times are dominated by the latest trends in all aspects!

After reading this article, you will agree to the importance of getting your web site designed according to the latest trends and SEO framework. Website design and development by professionals must be followed up with tried & tested digital marketing strategies. This will ensure that your business website is able generate a high volume of traffic as well as convert them to paying customers.

The Web Designer Group is an Official Google UK partner and it is an ISO Certified web design company. We value our clients as a design agency with our dedication, time and complete support whether your project is small or big. We don’t just build a website which is aesthetic or a visually clean design but also make sure that your business grows.

A man staring at a laptop and smiling

We love to see the smile on our clients’ faces after successfully launching their very own bespoke web site designed by web design experts and getting their desired results through the strategies used by our team of digital marketing specialists. As you will see from our wonderful Google reviews, we do the hard work!

If you have any questions or concerns about any of our services, call us and speak to specialist today!

Or, you could fill out our simple Get a Quote form to get an idea of how much you should allocate for a professionally designed business website.

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