Amazing Ways to Use ‘Contact Us’ in Business Website Designs UK

Amazing Ways to Use ‘Contact Us’ in Business Website Designs UK

Today, everyone whether you are an expert online marketing specialist or an everyday Joe who follows his own online marketing guru – you know the saying Content is King!

As more and more small business owners are learning about the amazing benefits of business website designs UK, they are focusing on not just having a website but also what goes on it. We have both small to medium to enterprise level business organisations focusing on their website content.

As businesses become brands, they create an identity for themselves in the consumer market. This identity is defined by the kind of trusted content made available on their website, social media channels, etc. – Not just their products and services!

However, we won’t get into the complex discussion of how to establish your brand identity as a small business. But you can read this article to learn about creating a brand identity for your business, e-commerce websites or your personal website.

In this blog, we will discuss a simple hack which will allow you to maximise your website conversions!

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Let’s Get Started.

The Contact Us page is probably one of the most visited yet underrated pages on any of the millions of websites currently in the world wide web.

You must already be thinking of your contact us page and how to fix it. Yes, that’s what should be done! It is the most visited page because visitors want to get in contact to fulfil their needs by grabbing the attention of the one person that matters.

In the process of writing this blog, I have visited many websites yet I was disappointed to see the condition of their contact us page. It is disappointing to say the least!

The typical Contact Us page is professionally designed with email address, phone, location, and a dull form with a subject & a message typing area.

In the 21st century, these pages will not drive in enquiries!

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Contact US

Let’s look at some inspirational but very much practical amazing ways to use the Contact Us pages in your website to make them special.

1. Power of Creative Language

You do not need to dig deep into your pockets for picking out a web design agency for a great looking webpage. Sometimes the simplest of words on the right background can yield massive results.

Creativity means thinking outside the box!

Rather than the standard form, use the power of creative words to speak to your visitors.

Make the page interactive so that visitors can scroll around the Contact Us page, with a map and button to directly get directions to your office. Make your social media links clearly visible as a reminder.

Make the email & phone number easily visible, so that it is never missed and cannot be missed by your visitors who may turn into your potential customers.

2. Engage Your Visitors

Write an inspirational line in your contact us page rather than the standard – leave us a message.

Try using language such as the following:

  • “Let’s do something amazing”
  • “Expand your business reach”
  • “Achieve more sales”

Give the audience something to think about when they are leaving a message or submitting an inquiry. You will benefit by passively influencing them to use similar theme as to what you write to start a possibly successful business relationship.

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3. Trigger the Expression of Your Customers’ Dreams

Use a style, structure or platform where you are able to trigger the customers into sharing their dreams with you. When done successfully, the potential client will easily make a link between their dreams, your business services and what you can do to help them achieve it.

Who doesn’t want to share their dreams?

Use interactive questions using a custom contact form rather than an empty text area which says ‘Type your message here’.

4. Why Not Use Rhymes, Jingles, or Funny Images?

The contact us form is your business website’s final flourish!

It is a great way to leave a lasting impression, if used correctly. You can use funny images or messages to which they will have a laugh and then see things like your company’s location.

Share images of the office premises, nearby landmarks, and make separate emails available for general inquiries, specific related issues, and careers, etc.

Use a bespoke web development & design team to make sure you are getting professionally designed creative solutions which are proven to work!

5. Approach Your Visitors in a Friendly Way

The use of words, emojis and other forms of modern-day features will serve well to attract your customers’ attention and interest.

Keep the design simple, clean yet trendy!

Most users are using web apps in smartphones and tablets to search for a website design agency, a logo design team, or any professionally designed solutions. Keep that in mind!

6. Creatively Boost Your Other Business Locations

Instead of simply listing several different offices by their names or addresses. You can use other creative ways to display them.

For example, if there are international locations then display them with their current times at the particular location. Display completely irrelevant information which will interest the clients like the current temperature or weather at the particular location.

What this does is, it sticks to the client’s mind.

7. Simple, Practical & Innovative

Many businesses go overboard with a custom contact form and make their clients fill out something which is similar to a registration form. You must remember that this is a major turn off for many clients and you may potentially lose out on a good lead.

You want a simple and practical form which is both polite, yet getting out the information your desire from them.

A creative way would be to allow visitors to leave a voice recording, an image or a video as an option. Something which will make you truly stand out among your competitors.

Key things to remember when designing your ‘Contact Us’ page:

  • Make it simple, practical yet, attractive & memorable
  • Explain how you can help
  • Make it easy to find as a menu item or as a sticky button
  • Include necessary information
    (location; email address; phone number; links to social media channels, etc.)
  • Give several options (request call-back, leave message, leave a voice or video recording, etc.)

Successful Contact Us pages don’t have to be extremely sophisticated or over complicated, make sure at the end of the day it is kept clear and concise.

Final Thoughts

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Hopefully this quick read on the full potential of something as unthought of as your business website’s contact us page has enlightened you.

Okay, so if that’s too much of a blown out of proportion thought, then it must have at last opened your eyes to the amazing possibilities of having well thought out contact us page.

In the modern-day business websites or even your personal website, website designers are challenged with creating a design which not only connects to the audience but also stays in their memory.

Some of the ideas discussed here will surely make your website stay firmly in the thoughts of your potential clients.

A smart and interactive Contact Us page design will attract attention and motivate the visitors to continue exploring the website. Without any pressure, they will be influenced to leave a message.

Overall, keep your website designer in close calling as something which may have worked for over a year in your website, may not be as effective today. So, make sure you and your website designer are on top of the latest trends in website designs UK.

Finally, no matter how beautiful photos, animations, interactive elements, or strict and simple the design of the Contact page may be, your business will have a significant role to play. So, do not compromise the quality of your product or service and a great user experience with too much focus on the design team.

Comment your thoughts on the ideas we shared and things which you may have tried that worked (or your utter failures!).

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