A comprehensive guide on the best tools for SEO in 2019

A comprehensive guide on the best tools for SEO in 2019

Over the past 10 years seo has evolved into the best way to get your website to organically rank onto page one where all of your potential customers want to see you. Considering that this is the case most of you must be wondering what kind of tools that you can use in 2019 to make your seo UK the most effective part of your marketing. There are quite a few tools to go through so sit back, relax and read on as you take a look through our list of the best seo tools that can increase your search engine results in 2019.


One of the most important tools which gathers all the data following incoming backlinks to the ones that you have lost. Although there is much more to this tool this is usually the way that people use this impeccable tool. It’s a great way to see if you’re getting spammed by bots in your comment sections and also a great way to collect the links that you don’t want into a spreadsheet and then disavowing them. Other than that, you can take into consideration the links that you have and also the ones that you have lost as you’re going to want to keep a steady eye on the links that you have. Imagine you come back from a holiday to find out that you’ve lost 1,200 links? That would be awful, but what would be worse is if you didn’t have access to this software and not knowing that this is the case.

Google Analytics

We’ve already covered this in another one of our blogs that you can view in our blogs section titled “How is the success of a website managed?”. In a simpler kind of way this is a comprehensive list of website statistics and search insights that you simple cannot afford to miss. If you’re not using Google Analytics then you’re not seeing the link to conversion rate that you can see when using this quality piece of software.

 Google PageSpeed Insights

KeywordsThis is the number one tool you’re going to want to use to see if your page speed is as good as it needs to be. If it isn’t up to scratch then you need to optimise this as a search engine like Google will rank you lower if your page speed isn’t high enough. The great things about this as well is that you can also view the difference you have between desktop users and mobile users. If one is better than the other then you need to improve upon this as soon as possible to better your user experience and search engine results.

Google Search Console

If you’re wanting a well-rounded piece of software where you can check your incoming links and who is clicking on your website for whichever key term then this is tool for you. This tool is also a great way of indexing your pages that you have updated or created. What this basically means is that instead of it being indexed sometime next year your piece of content should be indexed soon rather than later. You’re also going to need to have Google Search Console if you’re expecting to rank on google anyway as your webmaster would need to tweak a few things in order for the search engine crawlers to pick you up.

XML Sitemaps

This is pretty much a necessity when it comes to search engines as you will need to place an XML sitemap for a search engine like Google to use its search engine crawlers to crawl through all the pages within your website in a more efficient manner. It’s also great to have to check how many pages you have on your website altogether as this can improve and helps you maintain your work flow in the process. At the end, the result is a more responsive experience for your users and you reaching the higher rankings that you deserve.

Yoast SEO

Search Engine Optimization consultant touching SEO button on whiteboard

Perfect for a WordPress website and pretty much essential as you’re going to want to download this plugin to tweak your pages and articles to make them more SEO friendly. If you’re a bit new to website and seo UK it is definitely great for helping you out filling out those pesky meta descriptions and alt tags that you’re going to need to do for every page and image. You’ll also get some suggestions on how you can optimise and improve your blog in regards to your content and even new google updates that it has picked up making your unique content attractive and for the right audience. Equally here at The Web Designer Group we can fill out those meta descriptions and alt tags for you.

Google Keyword Planner

If you’re looking for a great way to check on how many people are searching for a keyword then this is the perfect tool as it will help you sort out all sorts of helpful statistics. Which in turn when you’ve figured out the keywords that you wish to target then you will be on the receiving end on higher traffic which is what all seo UK experts hope for. Search for any other related topic that might be within the niche you wish to target.


The most important too you can use is google itself…why? Because, that’s what we all use to get around the web anyway. You can check search engine ranking, organic search traffic, search engine algorithms and much more through the search engine that we all use. Which at the end of the day helps you write a better article, attract the audience you want and become better at online marketing all at your very finger tips. No matter how much of an expert you are in seo UK you’re always going to come back to google to learn more about whatever you need to about seo or maybe even a suspected algorithm change. Remember to include those search queries that change our beloved search engine for the better when they crawl the web.