Seven Deadly Sins of Business Website Design

Seven Deadly Sins of Business Website Design

Web design is very tricky and people tend to have varying opinions when it comes to what’s good and what’s not. Some believe that a website has to be super sleek and should come with everything, including web designer terms and conditions. While others believe that the design doesn’t really matter that much for as long as you have a website that works.

This article presents the 7 deadly sins that people should avoid when it comes to building their website.

  1. Fonts That Are Too Small

One of the first mistakes that people make when creating a website is that they use very small fonts. This is probably because most websites back in the day used to have really small fonts.

Remember that the main purpose of your copy is to get it to read. There’s no point in paying a writer to write a good content for your website if your customers find it too difficult to read.

  1. Moving Sliders

It’s been found that only 1% of website visitors actually click on the slider. So what’s the point of including a website slider if only 1% of people actually click on it? And it’s taking up some of the most valuable space in your homepage?

It might seem like a cool feature, which the web developers can easily implement, but avoid it if it’s not necessary.

  1. Low Contrast Fonts

Another common mistake some people make is using low contrast fonts. This means using a darker font in a dark background or a lighter font in a light background. This can be a pain to read, especially when reading web designer frequently asked questions that are often too long. So always use high contrast fonts for your website. If the background is light, then stick to dark coloured fonts or the other way around.

  1. Poor Line Height

Line height for the text is one thing that gets overlooked very often. Most web designers would select a font, decide on a size and arbitrarily choose the line height, and that’s it! However, line height actually plays a huge impact on the overall design and appeal of a website and must never be overlooked.

  1. Extremely Long Line Length

Another common mistake that some web designers make is they create an extremely long line of text. According to the experts, an article with 50-60 characters for every line is the best. The reason why line length is important is because an extremely long line length can be intimidating for the reader.

  1. Calls-to-Action Without Accent Colour

Successful web marketers are aware that a good call-to-action should have an accent colour that can easily draw attention. If you want your customers to make a purchase or take advantage of your free trial, then you need to use a button that will easily grab their attention. It should be something that could trigger them to immediately take action.

  1. Design Principle Violations

Another deadly mistake is avoiding design principles and pretty much ignoring the web designer terms and conditions. If you want your website to be successful, you must think twice before you decide to break some of the most common principles in web design.

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