Five ways to combine SEM, CRO, and SEO

Five ways to combine SEM, CRO, and SEO

In case you didn’t know, SEM, CRO, and SEO processes are actually related to each other. These three are like horses pulling the same chariot that make up the important elements of a highly effective e-commerce strategy. This is why when you hire a UK web design company, they will make sure to combine these three for a successful e-commerce strategy.

  1. Users first

Remember that your website’s users, which include customers and visitors, must be your top priority. All the investments and efforts that you put in for your SEM, CRO, and SEO strategies will only be worth it if your landing page provides a great user experience.

Therefore, you should be able to identify your website’s pain points. Rigorously test your hypotheses depending on the results of your research. Tweak your website if necessary and make sure you improve UX. Conversions will soon follow.

  1. Sharing keyword data

Both SEM and SEO rely mostly on keywords to increase traffic despite them using totally different strategies for marketing. SEO works by generating organic traffic while SEM focuses on targeted paid ads to get the right keyword combinations.

Both the SEM and SEO teams work together in order to deliver the best results. For example, they will analyse the reports obtained from AdWords to figure out the trending keywords that can help the SEO team and the UK web design team. The team will prioritise these keywords and create content that’s tailored for them.

  1. Focus

A focused approach that includes highlighting a product to a targeted segment could generate fruitful results. You should avoid sailing in multiple boats, which means creating a strategy that has your key product at the centre can help you achieve better rankings and ad clicks, while also improving conversions.

Both your SEM and SEO strategies should revolve within your core competence, allowing search engines to know what your page is all about.

  1. Common goal

When building your CRO, SEM, and SEO strategies, you should understand that they have common goals and these include improving visibility, gaining traffic to your site and driving conversions. Thus, your SEO strategy should be able to optimise content with the top keywords in order to achieve visibility and improve your SERP ranking while also analysing other high-searched keywords.

  1. Balance

The CRO, SEM, and SEO should work together in order to create a super effective e-commerce strategy. You should be able to build a great landing page to keep up with the traffic that’s about to come. However, you can’t really invest too much because if there’s no traffic, then there won’t be any conversions. An SEO strategy that brings in organic traffic may be the cheapest but will require a lot of research, lots of effort, and is a truly slow process. On the other hand, SEM could bring you traffic fast. However, you need to invest more in this.


Bringing CRO, SEM, and SEO together is a juggler’s act which requires lots of practice and balance in order to achieve the right combination. The top UK web design company should be able to help you with this!

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