5 Ways Stock Images Can Kill Your Small Business Brand

5 Ways Stock Images Can Kill Your Small Business Brand

Everything about your brand, including your logo, business name, and website design, must support and communicate the unique identity of your business. Therefore, it doesn’t make any sense to use stock art and stock images to represent your brand. In fact, the best web design doesn’t include any stock art. While these images are cheap and convenient, they are pretty generic and lack the personality that can help establish your brand.

Here are a few more reasons why stock art could be killing your brand.

  1. Can Steal the Voice of Your Brand

It’s important that your brand is specific and unique. Besides, no other business out there is exactly the same as your business. Your brand’s unique circumstances and vision should be one of a kind. Stock art exists to be adaptable and malleable to a wide range of users. The more buyers will be using the image, the more profitable it will be for its creator. Therefore, stock art is the opposite of being specific. It will not give a strong point of view, which your brand needs in order to stand out.

  1. Can Undermine the Authenticity of your Brand

An authentic brand is something that presents itself with transparency and honesty. These traits could make a certain brand more trustworthy and relatable. Using stock photos on your website instead of actual photos might be easy but this is a far cry from being authentic. Opting for slick stock art for your web design will put you at high risk of alienating your customers. So avoid using stock art as much as possible.

  1. Logos Featuring Stock Art Can’t Be Trademarked

Remember that a logo will serve as your brand’s visual identity. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to ensure that there are no other brands out there that are using the same logo as yours. This is what a trademark is all about. So if you’re going to use a stock art for your logo, it cannot serve as a unique identifier for your business. Although stock art could be sold with a license that allows it to be used for certain circumstances, these licenses will also give other buyers the same legal rights.

  1. Your Brand Can Be Confused With Your Competitor’s

What happens if you and your competitor end up liking exactly the same stock art and you both incorporate it into your brand’s logos? This will not make your logo unique anymore. Worse, your customers will end up confusing you with that of your competitor’s. Losing customers to your competitors is definitely the last thing you want for your business.

  1. You Could Be Violating Copyright Law

In any business, lawsuits are definitely not fun as they could cost you some money too. You probably thought that you would be able to save some money by using stock art, but you should be aware of any possible legal dangers that might actually cost you even more money in the long run. By working with the best web design, you can be assured that they will not use a stock art photo that would damage the reputation of your brand.

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