5 Tips for New Website Designers UK

5 Tips for New Website Designers UK

In this article we wanted to let you guys know some of the things that any web designer uk needs to be aware of. So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most interesting and important thing that any web design in the uk needs to know as it is a little different than the rest of the world. But, don’t make the same mistakes the United Kingdom does when it comes to web design.

1. Design your website with navigation

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Navigation is one of the most important things you need to consider when you are working on creating a quality website.

Getting from A to B should be simple and shouldn’t be hidden around various corners, for example, if it isn’t featured in your header bar then make sure it is plastered all over the website like a call to action. If you’re making a responsive website then you need to make it so it is easy to navigate as any web designer in uk should be able to do with ease.

Make sure that your website has buttons and links throughout with the relative pages so your potential customers know exactly where to go to find products and/or services. The best thing about this is that you can fill those pages with relevant content and with more links to your respective pages. Maybe even some wondrous call to actions!

One rule that you have to have when you are designing a website is that a user should never think “where do I go from here” it should be simple and easy to navigate, just like a front page.

A goal of any website is to make sure that you a web designer uk, are able to build a website that makes the user get the content they want with just a few clicks on their mouse.

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2. As mentioned previously in a small amount simplicity is key

The best web designer uk makes sure that the website looks visually appealing by using his/her skills that makes an incredibly fresh user-friendly design and interface.

Make sure when you are designing a website whether or not the client wants the sort of interface you wish to implement or just look at it yourself and decide. It’s one of those things where you want the website to not distract viewers from its true purpose (whatever that may be) as there can be quite a few plugins that might do this.

You might be a really smart cookie and come up with something completely new for the website and wish to implement it. If that is the case, then give it a try but make sure that the website is still available to use by potential customers. Otherwise you might have a problem.

You can be as creative as you wish but make sure that you keep it simple and easy so your customers understand what they’re looking at and where they can find information.

3. People want their information fix as quickly as possible

People are incredibly impatient beings that generally want everything they ever want in life right in front of them. Therefore, you should think as a web designer uk to make sure the layout is simple and provides an abundance of information on it, otherwise your potential customers might drop off to another website. Every second is precious when it comes to a website.

Take a hint from us experts when we say, if someone is reading at the top of a page and they don’t find what they like then they will more than likely go to another website instead of scrolling down.

If you want to get people to visit your website constantly then why not consider installing push notifications on the website? It’s an easy way of attracting more people to your website if they have visited it.

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4. Make your design easy to maintain as well as dynamic

Any experienced web designer uk would make sure that his/her work is easily updatable through for future use, like us here at The Web Designer Group we future proof our websites. It is a sign of an expert web designer in the uk if you can manage to make a website and then easily maintain it with coding.

Just take into consideration that when you are making a website that you have it perfectly tailored towards the client and they are happy with it. Otherwise, not only will the client suffer but potentially the user will not understand or grasp the website.

Try using social media and integrate it with your design to best maximise the experience of the user.

5. Hire The Web Designer Group if you want professional web designers

We have an in-house team that can provide you with a bespoke website that is a perfect return on investment. We can build an engaging websites that can provide many solutions to your business needs.

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