The 5 Principals of Web Design in Cardiff

The 5 Principals of Web Design in Cardiff

Web design is one of the most in-demand industries when it comes to the internet or just being online, or just being in the modern times. So, what are the five principals of web design that you need to know and how exactly does one implement them for getting results with Web Design in Cardiff?

Well, in this article we are going to answer all of these questions.

Do have a think as well before you read on into which principles you may be thinking of and comment them in this article!

So, let us get to it shall we?

1. Do not make your users think when clicking to your website

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You should make sure that you make your website as simple to navigate as possible as this is incredibly important. A web design shouldn’t be extremely complicated otherwise users are more than likely going to leave.

The reasoning behind this is that people don’t want over complicated stuff. They want sensational quick and easy stuff to go on about. Therefore, don’t throw “click here” and “this way to the contact form” everywhere, otherwise you’re going to confuse the heck out of your potential customers.

When you want to get from point A to point B, and instead of the simplest way you make it a lot more difficult but you think you’re being intelligent then you’re going to have problems.

The simple way of a website like a Home page then maybe about us and then some other pages is perfect. This is what is known as a simple five page website. Then you can incorporate some social media and online marketing to make your websites a lot more bespoke and interactive.

That’s why at The Web Designer Group, we are a web design company which specialise in making simple bespoke websites that are creative, modern and can adapt to user demand.

Choose us for all of your needs when it comes to responsive web design as we are a company that knows what works best for businesses in Cardiff and nationwide.

Although being simple is important for your users, understanding what you need on a page is also very important!

  • What exactly do you want from your users?
  • Do you want them to purchase from you?
  • View another important part of your business?
  • Or just browse around and get an email from you?

These are all very important questions for when you have a business online.


2. You should attempt to focus your users’ attention on certain parts of your website

If you don’t grab the users’ attention within the first 10 seconds of them being on your website, how would you expect them to buy anything from you?

The answer is  – they won’t!

One of the best ways to do this is to make a video on your website about your company or even what you do and are about. Therefore, when a user comes onto your website, they will more than likely click on the video and love that ten minute segment about your company.

Having a gallery on your website is a great way to show your products and in web design is extremely important if you want successful conversions.

For example, The Web Designer Group has a portfolio which can showcase all of the websites that we have created and exactly what kind of design we have used, as well as what this company does. So, if you’re looking for a restaurant, plumbing services or just about anything take a look at our portfolio and pick one of the many websites we have designed and use their services!

Images are a really good way to get your point across as well. If you’re distributing facts then infographics is a great way to show your readers and potential customers what you are talking about in a nice simple image.

If you are however a more text kind of person then try bold text. This usually attracts the users’ attention as bold text is more attractive than plain text.

3. Know what you want from your customers

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Within every website there is going to be a few hints which either, want you to fill out an email, purchase their services through a phone number or contact form, reserve your place at a restaurant or see their show. You can tell when you go onto a website that you’re going to be either sold something or someone wants something from you. That’s pretty much everywhere and in everything.

To know what your customers want when you have a website is extremely important. It’s what you are going to target on your website and how it looks reflects that in web design.

For example, if you are selling school wear you don’t want your website completely black. You would want a more neutral or even a more childish colour. That way your audience would feel more comfortable and will know what you’re looking for.

One of the points in our last paragraph was to make your web design simple. This is a great way to tell your potential customers what you are about and what you are selling as well.

You don’t want loads of categories for flowers when you’re selling school wear.

At The Web Designer Group our web design is known to be easily brand recognisable and we have the experience to create you a future proof categorically stable responsive website.

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4. Know your style of writing and expand on it

One of the most common sayings in the web design and SEO industry is “content is king” and this is very much true.

There are over a billion blogs on the internet, that’s one for every 7 people in the world. Therefore, mastering your writing ability and being able to come over to your clients in a clear and informative way is very important when you want to sell your product.

One of the best ways to get your point across is to use short, concise phrases that make your point come over as quickly and precisely as possible so they get the point.

A second point to make is to have a layout which fits the kind of style you want and need for your business. It’s more brand recognition than for services but it is important as well to make sure that people know what kind of products that you sell.

Using multiple headings, visual elements, lists and bullet points are always a great way to break apart your content into more readable pieces.

Try and give your readers and potential customers reason why they should stay on your website and why they should purchase your services. One of the ways to do this is through a promotional period or offering your readers and potential customers something.

If you’re in need of someone perfecting your content then The Web Designer Group is always the perfect option for this. As we have in house content specialists that can write content as well as better it as well.

We also write search engine friendly content. What this means is that search engines will begin to rank your website with the content which we write. How great is that?!

5. Simplicity is key to all web design projects

You don’t want to go out of your way to create an incredibly difficult website otherwise your users will more than likely leave for another business. Keep it simple is a motto which is used in many incredible businesses that provide some amazing services.

From a visitors’ point of view, the best web design is images, videos, text and without any egregious advertisement everywhere. This of course needs to be essential for good user experience and with this good user experience comes potential sales.

Have all the information you want to relay onto your reader and potential customer right in front of them. Straight on that homepage you want to have all of the information about you and your business right there, so that, your customers can pick apart everything they want to.

Being simple when it comes to Cardiff Web Design is never a bad thing.

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Final Thoughts About Us

Here at The Web Designer Group, simple bespoke websites are a trade of ours. We have many solutions in place for creating you a website within seven working days!

It’s a no-brainer really when it comes to us, as we are a Cardiff Web Design Agency that can do everything from web design, online marketing, SEO and much more.

When it comes to the process of how to order a website from us which is then built by our design team. It’s pretty straightforward.

  1. You tell us what you want.
  2. You pay.
  3. We do it.

Of course, if you have any certain types of planning in place with how you realise you want it to look, then tell us about it and we can make it for you. To us that just shows that you’re an excellent customer.

When your website is ready to launch, we will even throw in a Google Boost worth up to £195.

If you’re looking for any digital marketing solutions then we are the right agency for you. As we can get you started on your journey up to page one in Google from just £99 per month.

Imagine that!

Give us a call on 029 2256 2256 or simply fill out one of our forms, and we can provide you with a Cardiff business website to fit all your exact needs.