4 Hacks to Keep Visitors on Your Website Longer

4 Hacks to Keep Visitors on Your Website Longer

It’s important to be able to convert as many visitors in your website into sales the first time they visit. Remember, you’ve invested a lot in building your website. In fact, the web design packages pricing doesn’t come cheap these days. According to statistics, around 96% of your website’s visitors may not return after their first visit. The best way to increase your chances of increasing the conversion rate is by making these visitors stick around a little longer than usual.

So here are some ways on how you can keep your visitors engaged and make them stay longer on your website:


  1. Place Strategic Calls-to-Action

Each and every page of your website should come with a call to action that will eventually lead to the generation of revenue. For instance, a blog post must include links to some other relevant content in your website, or perhaps to a page that contains more information regarding a certain product you’re selling. If someone would be interested in buying but is not yet ready to go with it, leading them to additional information may actually trigger them to make the purchase.


  1. Include Exit-Intent Pop-Up Offers

Pop-ups that appear only when your customers are about to leave might also be effective in getting them to stay longer and hopefully make a purchase. Depending on the web design packages pricing, there are some packages that include these features. There are many ways on how you can leverage this and it mainly depends on the page the customer is on. You can have it on blogs, product pages, or shopping carts.


  1. Use Engaging Visual Content

One way to increase your customer’s average time on site is to include several visual contents on your website. You can also include explaining videos that describe a certain product or service that will easily grab the attention of your visitors. Info graphics may also encourage a longer visit, unlike text-based posts. You can also use visual elements on the landing pages to help keep visitors stay long enough for them to end up completing their purchase.


  1. Publish Content That’s Easy to Skim Through

Consider breaking down your content into various pieces, as it’s easier this way for your customers to read. Customers prefer to be able to skim through a website page quickly. Use headings and sub-headings correctly and make sure you incorporate proper formatting style. This will allow you to effectively deliver your message to your customers even if they will simply skim through it.

Remember that not all website visitors will take the time to read your content word for word. Therefore, if you can get your point across through a quick skim, then this will increase the chances of your visitors clicking through a product page to get more information.

Hopefully, these hacks can help you to generate more sales in your website. The web design packages pricing doesn’t come cheap nowadays so it’s important that you really get your money’s worth.

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