3 Easy Steps for Getting A New Web Site Designed in 2020

3 Easy Steps for Getting A New Web Site Designed in 2020

Are you looking to embrace the new year with a new design for your website?

Today, we will cover how get your web site designed in a fresh, new look in just 3 simple and easy to follow steps. In 2020, you don’t want to lag behind the competition with an average looking website.

More than 70% of online consumers in 2019, relied heavily on the design of a website to make their decision of working with a company.

Not only, does your new web site design need to look attractive, it needs to rank well in google search results and of course highlight your products or services to your visitors.

Or else, you will be left with a great looking design which does not bring you any sales.

Let’s get started!

3 Simple & Easy Steps To Get Your Web Site Designed In 2020

Step 1: Convey Your Design Requirements For Getting The New Web Site Designed

Lot of us feel overwhelmed when thinking about making our design requirements clear to someone else. This is normal and not unusual at all!

When getting your new web site designed, it is important to make it clear to the designers or the web design UK company, exactly what you want from the website to be like. But many times, we don’t know exactly how it should be!

what do i need for getting web site designed

Well, when choosing a design element for getting your new web site designed, take it in easy simple steps such as what is your primacy choice of colour? Would you like different shades of the same colour? Or would you like to choose a secondary or any more additional colours?

Then, move on to the other aspects which are much easier to spot such as a website that you have seen and like. What exactly do you like about the website? A particular design element? Images? Writing styles? As you answer these questions your requirements become more and more apparent to yourself.

Once YOU know what you want, you can tell any reputed web design agency and they will be able to work upon your website design requirements.

Step 2: Arrange Or Provide The Content For Getting The New Web Site Designed

Many of us have a common misconception that it is the responsibility of the web site design agency or the designer itself to fill the website with its necessary content.

This is a common misconception!

Just think about it, who would know your business better the designer or yourself? As a result, it is okay to rely on the designers for their design sense but not the content.

Content for getting web site designed

For example, the designers may suggest a high-resolution image for your website, but if you are plumbing company and they provide an image of a computer then it doesn’t serve your purpose. Or, think about yourself as a cleaning company that prides itself in using a particular method of washing a house, if a different method is shown in the website images, then you will be false advertising.

Similarly, the service you provide should either be written by you for the textual content of the website or be proofed by you to make sure that the message is accurate and clear for your target customers. Similarly, any images, videos, text etc. used for getting your new web site designed, it is your responsibility to make sure they truly reflect your business.

Step 3: Custom Features On Your New Web Site Design

Do you have any customised or personalised requirements for your new website design?

This is an important question and it is quite simply answered as yes or no. So, depending on your answer find out from the professionals that you are using for getting your web site designed if that feature is available as standard or will it need to be custom added.

For example, think about all the features that you want on your website.

[rt_portfolio_slider_style portfolio_slider_autoplay_timeout=”6000″]
  • Do you need a photo gallery?

this will let your customers see images of products or services that you are offering

  • Do you need a custom contact form?

This will allow you to collect your customised information from your visitors such as what time to call them, whether they prefer a call, email or an appointment, etc. Standard forms only allow name, email and a message so if you need more information you will need a custom form.

  • Do you need to accept online payments?

This will allow your customers to pay for a service or product using your website.

Simplest Way To Get Your Web Site Designed in 2020!

Final Thoughts On Getting Your Web Site Designed in 2020

Aside from simplified steps that were mentioned above, there may be other things to consider when getting your web site designed.

It is the responsibility of a good web design agency to collect all necessary information from your before getting started on the project.

If they are not asking the right questions, then this may be a clue that you are not with the right website design agency.

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