14 Things To Check When Looking For The Best Website Design Companies For Small Business

14 Things To Check When Looking For The Best Website Design Companies For Small Business

When searching for the best website design companies for small business, here are a few tips to look out for:

    1. Does the website design company specifically offer web site design packages for small businesses?
    2. Does the website design company have a proven track record of designing small business websites?
    3. Does the website design company have good reviews and testimonials?
    4. Does the website design company offer the full package, such as hosting, email, logo design, copywriting etc?
    5. Does the website design company, design and develop the websites in house or outsource them?
    6. Does the website design company have any certifications, such as Google, ISO etc?
    7. Does the website design company have a small business website design portfolio?
    8. Does the website design company have a good-looking website?
    9. Does the website design company website work on all devices such as mobiles and tablets?
    10. Does the website design company have any hidden fees?
    11. Does the website design companies’ terms and conditions look legit?
    12. Does the website design company have a support package to help you maintain the website once it has gone live?
    13. Does the website design company provide an official quote of work before you commit?
    14. Is the website design company active on social media?

Are you searching for the best website design companies for small business?

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If the answer is YES, then you are in the right place.

The Web Designer Group is a website design company specifically focused on supporting small business website design. As standard we offer the full package, so we take of everything. Whether you’re just planning to start your own small business, or you have an established small business, we can help.

We are Google certified partners and audited regularly by an independent body due to our ISO 9001 certification. Every website design we complete is designed with the ability to grow and expand as and when your business is ready to do so.

So, what makes The Web Designer Group the best website design company for small businesses?

  • We offer the full works; and as standard we offer the below, so you don’t need to worry about things like:

– Purchasing a domain
– Logo design
– Business email
– Organising hosting
– SSL Security

  • The Web Designer Group pricing structure is specifically tailored to small businesses. We offer a base price based on how many website pages you need, then you simply pick and choose what website features you would like according to your business and budget. This gives you the ability to add new website features in the future with our Website Design Add-ons.
  • We have a proven track record in website design for small business. Take a look at our portfolio here
  • We are highly recommended, just take a look at our Trust Pilot Reviews & Google Reviews
  • We understand there are so many things to do when starting a small business, that’s why we have a dedicated professional copywriting team in house. So, whether you’re not sure about what to write on your website, or whether you just can’t be bothered, we can do all the copywriting for you in a professional and engaging manner.
  • As we are an ISO 9001 certified company, we pride ourselves on being a transparent website design company with no hidden fees. In fact, the only fee we charge is a £99 annual renewal fee which covers your domain renewal fee, hosting and on-going support.
  • You own the copyright, so once the website design is built it’s yours!
  • Our after support is designed around small businesses in mind, as we have a dedicated support portal where we will do any website changes you want completely free of charge.
  • All of our staff are friendly, trained and talented individuals. We do not outsource and all of our website designers are in-house.

We design all of our websites using the award-winning WordPress website design software. Also known as a CMS / Content Management System in the techy world – WordPress.

WordPress is the top website design software in the world, with a whopping 34% of websites in the world built using this software. Did you know that WordPress took over 112 years to build? That’s why it has become the best CMS of the world.

Once your website is live, we provide you with login access to your WordPress website builder, which means you can make changes as and when you want to. WordPress is well known for having one of the easiest website builders, and truthfully it is just like using Microsoft Word.

When designing a website for small businesses, we design a website design template to match your business specifications, colours and features. This is what will make your small business website design stand out from the crowd.

One big question which maybe lingering in the back of your mind is, you haven’t got everything ready just yet or you’re just not sure what is needed from us to design your new website?

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Don’t worry you’re not the first and we understand this, hence why we have a built a step by step online website design brief. Our online website brief takes you through a step by step process on the information we need from you. Again, we understand small businesses, so we have added a feature to the online website brief which lets you save and come back to complete it whenever you have time.

Once your website is live, we are still here to help your business grow. We will advise you on what are the best strategies to market your business using SEO. We’re not a just the best website design company for a small business, we’re also the best SEO company for a small business.

Why, might you ask?

Simple we have SEO packages that are not fixed, so we can tailor them to your budget, business and competition.

Marketing your small business website is important once your website is live. As SEO can really expand your reach to potential new customers. This is the world we live in, a digital age.

Here are some quick facts on why a small business needs a great looking website design:

  • Did you know 6 out 10 consumers expect to find your small business online
  • 90% of consumers claim that a website with reviews influences their buying decision
  • 72% of consumers go online first to find a small business for the product / service they are looking for
  • 81% of consumers complete online research on small businesses before competing an in-store purchase

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